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Chasing Ghosts

Today our guest is Laura Francois, author of young adult novel Chasing Ghosts. This novel follows the four Reckless Girls as they navigate through faith, family, friendship, dating, amongst other tough issues teens are facing today. We have conducted an interview with Laura.

What are the toughest issues teens are facing today in your opinion?
I feel like one of the hardest issue teens are facing today is wanting to belong or be a part of something outside of themselves. In my young adult novel, Chasing Ghosts, all of the main characters strive for just that. For example, there are moments Amanda, one of the main characters, does about anything to get noticed including dating a guy she doesn't care for only because he is popular.

Why did you choose to write about these four girls in your novel?
I write about topics that are relevant. Having four girls who come from different walks of life including different family dynamics, faith, socioeconomic class, personalities, amongst other differences really gives me the opportunity to be able to touch on so many themes relatable to many youths.

Who is your favorite and most interesting character and how did she inspire you?
I go through waves. There have been moments where I've been more excited to write about one character over the other. The most complex and fan favorite is Angela. She's the girl who's been through so much from her father killing himself, drug addicted mother, teen pregnancy, ect. She's the one you'd give a pass for complaining, but she doesn't. She is flawed and has been through it all but doesn't let people feel sorry for her and she has a big heart. She's always looking out for others despite all she has going on in her life.

How long did you take to craft these characters in the story?
I actually created Julia and Amanda back when I was 13. The character I had before Mercedez was annoying. She would play the victim role and never take responsibility for her actions. Because of that, I created Mercedez, someone who though is flawed owns up to her faults.

Do you intend to have a sequel to this novel 'Chasing Ghosts'?
Chasing Ghosts is the sequel to Reckless Perfection. I am currently working on the third book of the series amongst other projects.

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