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DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning

Our guest today is Robert M. Secor who goes by RM Secor as his pen name for writing fictional novels and currently writing a new Crime Thriller series with his sibling Scott J. Secor aka SJ Secor. His first novel in series “DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning” was published in October 2015. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who named your book DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning?
DEADLOCKED: A Trial beginning was both our idea. Scott came up with DEADLOCKED years ago while conversing with me. We would trade words, sentences at first just to get the writing juices flowing and one day we were like, there is more to this and we discovered we had all along been molding a perfect storm. A story that needed to come alive. As for the rest of the title, I put a spin on it, since the characters involved in the novel have their own trials to deal with, leaving the title to have multiple angles and meaning.

How different is a co-writing crime thriller with your sibling Scott versus writing on your own?
Well, I have to say it is quite different. Meaning having already written a few novels and having a structured way of planning and executing a story, opening yourself up to tackling a joint adventure with writing takes dedication, patience and most of all, collaboration. Just because you grew up with someone doesn’t always mean you compatible. In our case, it worked out very well with the different thought processes on how we view the way the characters are developed and how we planned out which direction each scene would take leading to plots and climax.

Who is the key character in the sequel "Judicial Betrayal" and what is this sequel mainly about?
The key character is still the main protagonist, a 25 your old newbie female trial lawyer, however, she is more vulnerable due to the outcome that was uncovered in the first novel. She comes to grip that her bloodline is tainted due to her uncle involvement with drug trafficking, money laundering and whatever else comes along with association with illegal conduct being head of the Canadian Mafia Regime. Yet somehow has to defend her family, self-integrity without ultimate ruining herself along the way.

Which part of the writing process of "DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning" is the most challenging?
We would have to say sort of speak getting into character. What we mean by that is studying each fictional character and playing it out in your head and amongst each other. It’s not easy writing and portraying the main character from a female’s perspective, but if you study them long enough, you get a sense of how to create, define and play the role.

Being a Crime Thriller series writer, which is the most influential book/movie you have ever read/seen?
We would have to say a mix of Goodfellas, Godfather, Scarface, Analyze this, a touch of the Firm, and not to leave out the TV drama series Sopranos.

How does it impact you and your thoughts?
It certainly shapes the way each scene is delicately created. When researching, reading and watching related topics, it molds your thought and helps impact your writing.

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