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Naturally With Karen

Today our guest is Karen. Her business is Naturally With Karen. As a medically intuitive Karen reverses disease: physical, mental, spiritual with food as medicine and guidance work with many years' experience. We have conducted an interview with her.

What inspired you before writing "The Clean Womb: Consciously Creating Our Children & Infertility Issues"?
I was driven to conceive my son through infertility and this became my initial drive for the book and clients I worked with over the last 13 years.

When did you discover that you are medically intuitive?
I truly discovered my medical intuitive in 2004 with clients on my massage table and thus my first book.

How do you keep up with physical, mental, spiritual with food as medicine and guidance works?
I keep abreast of food as medicine and guidance work with living it, walking the walk, juicing each day, exercise, et al.

What is your personal belief about reverse disease strategies?
Reversing disease is our nature, I know the order of operations after many years and experiences of success!

What are your ways to connect with people all over the world in this field?
I connect with people all over the world using social media, communication apps and telephone. My entire way of listening, Mind Body expertise, Energy, Respect, knowledge of food as medicine, herbs, lifestyle and vigorous study for decades together with layers of thousands of hours of direct experience with so many issues people present with in body, mind and spirit make me very uncommon now in my mid 50s. My perceptive abilities are far outside the norm and they are uncommon to be seen employed in this way where they are giving to people the symbols, what I hear, what I sense, and the inner knowing, coupled with guidance- I treat the whole person including often much more than expected; pleasantly.

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