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New Lease of Life

Gunnar V. Espedal is an award winning physiotherapist, and naturopath, holistic medicine researcher, trainer, runner, lecturer, inventor writer and entrepreneur. Having successfully treated over 100,000 patients worldwide in 50 years of practise. He is launching a new book "New Lease of Life". We have conducted an interview with him.

What is "New Lease of Life" about?
New Lease of Life’ empowers readers to embrace the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun, and faith. Proof that the age-old methods will always prevail, Espedal’s ground-breaking discoveries have previously brought the dead back to life and given sight to the blind.

While it may sound like a ridiculously-bold claim, it’s true – Gunnar Espedal has used water, its frequencies and healing qualities to bring the dead back to life. In fact, using water and its associated therapeutic/healing qualities, Espedal has helped treat over 100,000 people worldwide. Now for the first time, Espedal is compiling his methods and wisdom into a game-changing new book. ‘New Lease of Life’ is a fun and engrossing healing self-help guide that has readers utilizing and thriving using nothing but the world’s oldest and most abundant resource. The book is about an original and unusual approach on the holistic prevention, care and cure for all disease, using time tested and scientifically proven methods in the fields of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith. The concepts are clearly laid out in an informative manner, drawing on the extensive experience of the author from diverse field such as Physiotherapy, training, nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, electro-medicine etc.

Who inspires or influences you the most from the beginning of your career to being a holistic medicine researcher today?
In my early twenties, I helped nurse my sick Father who eventually died of cancer. This left a very strong impression on me and sent me off looking for answers for unanswered questions about the sickness industry and so-called ‘incurable’ diseases.

Why is it important for people to read this book and who would you recommend it to?
This book is for all who want to regain energy, vitality, and wellbeing. Most people live only a fraction of their physical potential, putting up with all kinds of ailments that are unnecessary. This book is my best advice on improving your life. The target audience for this book is huge, spanning both those looking for immediate healing as well as those in good health who are interesting in maintaining their vitality and zest. To that end, there’s also no limit in the geographical catchment of this book. Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. I encourage anyone and everyone to gain a deep knowledge about their own health and wellbeing for this will allow them to make important choices that will change their lives and the lives of their families.

Which event gives your deepest impression til now that you are an award-winning physiotherapist with already 100,000 patients treated worldwide in 50 years of practise?
The event that has left the deepest impression on me was my first meeting with Teta Montaha, when she was 96 years of age (now 103). It is best described as a warm, electric and illuminating event. The petite old lady radiated kindness and vibrating energy as is rarely seen at her age: beautiful, strong blue eyes and a wonderful smile. During a festive dinner and celebrations, she insisted that ‘Dr. Viktor’ had to sit next to her. I was honoured. And I was able to ask her my most pertinent question: ‘What is your secret, Teta?’ (Grandmother in Lebanese.) ‘How have you managed to stay so healthy and happy all these years?’

Once she listed her points (covered in chapter 11 of my book), I exclaimed ‘Wow! Teta Montaha, that’s just about the same as what I teach my clients and students in Norway.” And so as you can see for me it was living proof of what I had been teaching and practising. An amazing moment and an amazing lady.

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