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Red Moon Travelers

Red Moon Travelers is a Florida-based - Indie/Pop/Rock band and recording group with three albums published to date. The latest a Tri-EP 'Trismegistus' just released. Their Projects feature the distinctive composition and vocals of Rob Royer with production influences and dynamic blend of Americana with Classic Rock creating market separation. We have conducted an interview with them.

What is so distinctive in the composition of your music/album?
The stories told coupled with contemporary harmony and rhythm. We are big believers in melody, so, this is usually what we concentrate on when composing.

Who is the vocal?
Rob Royer the composer, music director, and lead vocalist. But, we all take part in arranging the music. We like to have a little of everyone's personality in the mix.

Why did your band name 'Trismegistus' for your latest album?
Trismegistus is our third recording project, translated 'Thrice Great' in ancient mythology. We felt our project is a third good music project in our discography. The idea stems from the story of Hermes Trismegistus, an alchemist that lived around 250 BC.

Which are the key influences to your band that creates this dynamic blend of Americana with Classic Rock?
Rob composes his material on acoustic guitar then uses the strengths of musicianship within the band to fine tune the arrangement. So, in other words folk/Americana music mixes with classic rock roots and develops into the Red Moon Travelers flavor. Music today rarely uses these characteristics. The younger generation now relies on computers and gizmos to create what they call "music" We like the more organic, real flavor of real instruments being played by real people.

Which is/are your favorite tracks on this EP and Why?
'Tonight' because friends of the band feel it is the best pop rock song Rob has composed so far. This is a good example of the upbeat driving sound that we are always looking for. We think it's a good example of the Red Moon Travelers.

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