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Romy LMS - Learning Management System for small businesses

Kevin Kuhn is Co-founder and CEO of in Los Angeles, California. RomyLMS is a new learning management system (an app for managing online corporate training) focusing on small businesses. We have conducted an interview with Kevin about their new app.

What kind of application are you developing for small businesses?
We are developing a learning management system (LMS). If you aren’t familiar with LMSs, you can think of it as an online training platform for storing, managing, and tracking your corporate training. This type of application is designed to help maximize training results and ease of implementation. When you centralize and standardize training, you see immediate results to your bottom line.

Why did you choose to build an LMS?
The idea to build an LMS actually came about because we needed a system to manage our own training (at Coalition Technologies, a Los Angeles based digital agency). Since we have a global workforce, we needed an easy way to distribute and track training for all of our domestic and international employees, especially when on-boarding new team members. We looked at some options, but nothing really did what we wanted without becoming too complicated. After we developed the system internally, we did more market research and determined it had a lot of potential for commercialization, and that marked the official birth of the app as a separate business.

How do you plan on differentiating yourselves in such a saturated market segment?
That’s a great question! We’ve put a lot of thought into that and are going to be sticking with our original goal of being the easiest to use and most streamlined LMS on the market. While almost every LMS claims to be easy to use, once you actually try them out and try to utilize some of their functions, you realize they are often a convoluted mess. RomyLMS is super streamlined and really sticks to what the main purpose of an LMS is supposed to be: storing, managing, and tracking training.

Which are the unique propositions of your learning management system, has a few unique propositions that separate it from other LMSs. Our first is our extreme ease of use. We put a lot of time into designing our system to eliminate the learning curve. First-time users are never lost, they just get right up and running. We’ve done this by eliminating unnecessary or fad features that you might see in other LMSs. There’s a great quote by Steve Jobs, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” We believe that wholeheartedly, and we think that makes our system better.

Another proposition that separates us is our training development. The biggest training hindrance we see with small companies is simply getting enough time to develop the training material they need. We offer instructional design services to help smaller companies put together the training they need to be successful.

Who do you recommend should use your LMS?
Our ideal customer is a small to medium sized business with a lot of new employee onboarding. But there really isn’t any size or type of business that can’t use our system. The app was designed to scale and accept any type of training that companies might ever have, so everyone can use our LMS!

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