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Roselyne Kattar - Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer

Roselyne Kattar is a french clinical psychologist with 30 years experience in Paris. She helps women in crisis to find a new path and create a new life by using EFT (emotional freedom technique) and energy healing. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are the usual issues women face?
Even now, women often face feelings of guilt or fear concerning their sexuality. Am I normal? Is it bad how I feel? Is it my fault if I feel so and so? Most currently, they have to face separations or losing their job. They are also worrying about their children, their family. Am I a good mother? Am I doing the right thing? The issue here is how to manage the crisis and change for the better.

What is your experience in helping them facing these challenges?
The healing process starts with accepting themselves without any external references. They connect to themselves and their resources. They envision a new future and build confidence in creating it.
For instance, a woman who was constantly worrying about her children said: Ah, OK, I never saw it this way. Another one who was considering a divorce, after 2 months told me: I don’t know how I could imagine a separation. Another who was abandoned by her husband went from grief and depression to fulfilling a happy life in a few months. And when they reconnect to themselves in a peaceful and loving manner, they generally restore their relationship with their partner as well.

What is energy healing? What is EFT? Who is it for?
It is important to define energy. In our daily life, we are used to say: My energy is low today or I have such a high energy right now. Energy is what keeps us alive. The difference between a living person and a dead body is that life force energy left the dead body. It is as important as our blood cells or our bones. It’s just that we are not aware of it just as we are not aware of the air we breath. Energy healing is about activating and balancing the energy in our body or our client’s body by creating an electromagnetic field of energy around it. That way, we raise its vibration and the body can heal itself.

What is EFT?
EFT, emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, was created by Roger Callahan. It combines the knowledge about meridians and modern psychology. When we tap on the acupoints and at the same time, we focus on the problem and visualize the solution and its benefits, we help the body and the mind to heal. Because the body and the mind are not separate, they work together. Sometimes, just tapping brings us calmness and relaxation.

Who is it for?
EFT works almost for everything: it addresses physical issues as well as emotional issues. It is helpful with stress, pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, weight loss, stop smoking, any other habit change.

Why self-image is so important in the healing process?
What keeps us stuck in most cases is the feeling that we are not good enough, no one can love us, whatever we do, we will fail. Guilt and shame are the most destructive feelings. Depressed people think they are bad people.

The healing process is about restoring the self image, so we can solve our identity issues. When we build a loving approach to ourselves, we become confident and strong, we restore hope and bring joy in our lives.

What kind of workshops are available on line?
For now, I offer 3 kinds of workshops on line:
• Reiki level one and two to be able to heal oneself and others and become a certified practitioner.
• EFT to stop smoking and EFT for weight loss.
• Improve your relationships by communicating better.
I will soon offer also a workshop to learn self-hypnonis.

How does it benefit to women?
The goal is to allow women :
• to heal themselves and others.
• To get rid of bad habits to have a better life.
• To enjoy their relationships because that’s what life is about.
With hypnosis, they will be able to manage their feelings and sensations to reach their goal.

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