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SO - Standing Ovation

SO {Standing Ovation} the anything goes bicoastal duo consisting of producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia and vocalist/lyricist The Character residing in Los Angeles release Echo Park styled as “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company". We have conducted an interview with them.

What are your aspirations for SO {Standing Ovation}?
The Character: SO takes an experimental approach to music. We're interested in pushing boundaries fusing different forms of sounds and trying to contribute to modern art. Bronze Baby Shoes: My goals for SO are to get as many people to hear our music as possible. I'd like to create as many opportunities for us to make more music and share our artwork.

How long did it take to produce "Echo Park"?
Bronze Baby Shoes: It took about a year. I'd send The Character tracks I produced, he'd pick what fit his vision musically and I would file the tracks he chose in a Dropbox for him to access when he felt compelled to write. The actual recording process was completed over a four day visit to Echo Park Los Angeles. Then I took some time to mix before handing the finished tracks to Dave Coolie for mastering. During this time The Character was working on shooting and editing the video for "Freaky". We wanted to have a completed project that was sonically appealing and had visual to accompany one of our songs.

Please tell us more about freestyling and your take on “Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company” in the production of your music.
The Character: It's about doing something new, creating new trends, leading the pack and having fun at the same time. A lot of critics don't know what to make of the style. It's some either you love it or hate it type shit.

Bronze Baby Shoes: That was an actual quote actually came from writer and author Chris Terry who was covering music for a Richmond Virginia music blog at the time. That was his description of what he thought we sounded like. He's published several books and is now residing in Los Angeles.

What is the story behind "Freaky"?
Bronze Baby Shoes: From my perspective, I thought that it was the most cohesive song. Vocally and musically the track exhibited our progressiveness and progress with the sound we are creating the most for me. I think I more or less expressed this to The Character. At the time he was showing me some images that looked like 70's Playboy photos. One image, in particular, I pointed at and said, "this should be the visual..." Or something to that affect and The Character got to work securing as shoot and editing the video.

The Character: I heard the beat and just went in on it. A lot of the music is beat influence. I let the beat channel the vocal sounds and words.

Why did you name it 'Freaky'?
Bronze Baby Shoes: I think your readers will know once they watch the video and listen to the song. 

Which is the next song on "Echo Park" other than and "Freaky" that you like the most? 
Bronze Baby Shoes: For me personally It would be "Nelly". 
The Character: Stoopid

Why it appeals to you?
Bronze Baby Shoes: I think that The Character delivered a solid verse. It shows his vocal strengths and rapping skills. The music was pretty cool too. I must admit.

The Character: I love a lot of melody in sound. The beat is so emotional, rich and lush yet minimal at the same time. Lyrically there’s outreach to the listener to understand and reach for understanding an experience that any sage knows can't be understood hence the lyrics "I'm feeling the power I hope you feel it too..." BTW check the video for that song...

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