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Social Media by Mia

Mia Nichols from St. Joseph, MO owns a social media management company, Social Media by Mia. They do social media management for all sorts of companies, but their specialty is in social media for crafters and jewelry makers. We have conducted an interview with Mia.

Which is your bestseller service in your social media management company?
I would say all my services are equal. It depends how many posts a person or company wants as to which package they choose.

What is your specialty and niche(s)?
Social media management for crafters and jewelry makers. I do take on other companies, but prefer crafters and jewelry makers.

What makes your services better than competitors in the similar field?
As a former crafter/jewelry maker myself (my hands won’t allow me to do it anymore), I bring a unique perspective to social media for crafters and jewelry makers. I know what works.

How do you gauge the effectiveness of your reach?
There are tools with every social media platform that allows you to see your reach.

Do you use any special techniques/tactics to help your clients reach their social marketing goals?
Yes, but it is a trade secret. Just kidding. The main thing is to create a schedule of what types of posts for what days and stick with it.

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