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Christen Stovall is a young widow. After the death of her husband she turned to writing for solace. Last September she published her first book, Soulbound. It's the first in a trilogy. We have conducted an interview with Christen about her book and the healing journey of writing it.

Where do you draw your inspirations from for your book writing?
Though the book is fantasy much of my inspiration is drawn from my own life and my experience as a young widow.

Which is your favorite character in your trilogy?
I'm asked this question a lot and the truth is that I don't really have one. Each character is dear to me in different ways.

At which point did you discover that your story will became a trilogy?
When I realized how it was going to end.

What is the continuation of your key character history, physical and personality traits?
The key focus is Aislynn's journey as one of the Soulbound. She's in her early 20s with red hair and blue eyes. She's humble but determined. She's not a warrior by any means but will fight for the people she loves.

Could you give us a 'sneak peek' of the upcoming sequel to Soulbound?
Not really, it's still going through edits. I will say Soulfire is much darker. Soulbound was an introduction to the world, Soulfire delves into the real dangers therein.

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