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#TEOM | The Evolution of Martone Deluxe Edition

Martone is a multi-talented artist from Dallas, TX, who continues to make positive strides in the music and entertainment industry. His album album #TEOM has been submitted to Grammys for Consideration. We have conducted an interview with Martone.

What is the best/worst part about being an independent artist?
The best part is having the creative freedom to release music that I love. The worst is part, I am not really sure. But, what I can tell you is that sometimes you have to fight to be heard. Most of all, you really have to pray that some DJs will take a chance on you and your music.

Have you ever faced any negative criticism about you as an artist or your music?
I have. Especially, with the Chocolate | Spoken Word Mix music video. Some did not understand the concept. Others thought that it was too daring for a first time artist, especially an African-American artist. To me, its about the legacy that I choose to leave. I say it all the time, if you want to understand the video you have to listen to the song. I enunciate every single word in that song so its really not hard to understand what I am saying. Also, we knew that it could perhaps be ground-breaking because from what I am told it is the first time that an African-American LGBT artist/musician had been the lead character in a same-sex situation relationship in a music video. I am happy with the decision that I made to make it and I have no regrets about it.

Do you feel that you have something to prove in the entertainment industry or as an artist in general?
On certain levels, yes. However, being a VJ/DJ for many years and interviewing countless celebrities about their careers on how they made it to where they are and solicited advice for those that may be interested in following in their paths - I've studied, I've been on the air daily for years, and I know what sounds good and what it will take to get the audience moving. So, in that respect I think that DJs should understand that I would not hand them any BS to play. We, meaning myself, and my producers worked extremely hard with making timeless music that people will be able to dance to for years to come. You will not be able to put a date stamp on any of it.

You recently submitted material for Grammy consideration, you must really be excited. How do you think that it will change your life if you are nominated?
From your lips to Gods ears. I do not believe that things would change all that much. I will just continue to do what I am lead to do in music. Please do not get me wrong, I am excited about the prospect but, I think it would be best to wait and to see what happens before I answer those types of questions.

What should we be on the lookout for on all things Martone?
Definitely new music. Rippin the Runway, the new single will be released as a B-side of Office Politics to the clubs on August 19, 2016 through A new album by the second quarter of 2017. Right now, Office Politics, Love You I Do | Auoo and Groove Tonight DJ Extreme Detroit mixes as well as the album versions are released to the clubs any listener can request them.

If DJs or Fans want to purchase or stream your music where can they find you?
#TEOM | The Evolution of Martone Deluxe Edition is currently available to the fans on Itunes, also physical copies are available through where they are also distributed by Alliance Entertainment so you can go to any big-box store and request that they order the album. As well as Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and Tidal. DJs can also download singles through where they are available exclusively.

Lastly, what advice would you like to give for any aspiring singer/songwriter trying to break into the business of music?
Martone: First, make sure that you do your research on those that say they can help you. There are too many horror stories out there about people being taken advantage of. Make sure that you study your craft backwards and forward. Most of all and most importantly, never give up! Success does not happen over night, you have to stick with it and when you do feel like giving up, push forward. There is always more to be done.

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