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The Path Trilogy

Path 11 Productions LLC is a small production company located in Kingston, NY. They have just completed an 8 year documentary trilogy and finished the last film of the trilogy, The Path: Evolution. we have conducted an interview with them.

How long did you take to produce this documentary trilogy?
The making of the trilogy began in 2008 and concluded in 2016. An 8 year journey.

What does it investigate and what is the last film of the trilogy focus on?
The Path Trilogy is a 3 part documentary series taking the viewer on the same path, director Michael Habernig went on when he began questioning his existence on earth.

Film 1, The Path: Afterlife investigates the big questions of life, what happens when we die, is there life after death, is there proof we are more than out physical bodies? After finding the answers to these questions, one will then ask, how do I get outside of my physical body to explore these spiritual realms and multiple dimensions in the universe?

Film 2, The Path: Beyond the Physical moves forward with this investigation and researches findings of the out-of-body experience, multiple dimensions and remote viewing.

Film 3, The Path: Evolution then asks the question, what do we now do with the information that here are many dimensions to be explored in the universe and how do we evolve our consciousness with this knowledge? The Path Evolution film explores the theory that human beings are living in a virtual reality system similar to the rules of an assimilated video game and delves into the importance of humans moving more towards a state of love and cooperation as a vital part of life in order for consciousness to evolve.

Where and how do you capture the first explorers of out-of-body experiences?
The films highlight the early works of out-of-body explorer Robert Monroe and out-of-body experts William Buhlman and Thomas Campbell.

Which were the key findings related to audio sound patterns that can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness?
Some of Robert Monroe's work was perfecting the audio sound patterns of binaural beats to illicit deeper states of consciousness and enhance the out-of-body experience.

Who are the experts and physicists whom you worked with for this documentary?
The Path Series Trilogy features a total of 12 experts in the field of consciousness. Some of the more well known experts featured are, top leading out-of -body expert William Buhlman, former NASA nuclear physicist Tom Campbell, former military personnel Skip Atwater who worked close on the classified Remote Viewing military mission called Stargate, former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute Paul Rademacher and current President of The Monroe Institute, Nancy McMoneagle.

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