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The Valentine Constitution

Valentine is an American political philosopher who has devoted his life to the research and analysis of social, political, governmental and interpersonal problems in an attempt to find effective solutions, all culminating in the writing of a new book, The Valentine Constitution. We have conducted an interview with him.

Over 30,000 Bernie Sanders supporters attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. What was it like being in the epicenter of the Sanders revolution?
It was exciting to be around Citizens of all types involved in their democracy. Sad, because they were relegated to protesting in the streets, and subject to infiltration by violent agitators and sidelining by the police, the party establishment and the press, all of which seems to be in cahoots, and sad that all that effort had little real effect when these were patriots who represented the two-thirds of Americans who want to go in a different direction. Saddest of all was that few of those two-thirds have ever even heard of The Valentine Constitution when all of them would support it if the knew about it.

You created "The Valentine Constitution” because America needs a newly updated Constitution. What’s wrong with the current US Constitution, and what does The Valentine Constitution solve?
All of our election problems, all of the rigging, the convoluted rules, the blocking of candidates by the two parties, the big money take over of our politicians, the two parties, the press, lobbying, the revolving door, riders to bills, stalemating, the delaying of SCOTUS and other appointments, no term limits and the resulting cronyism, overlap and inefficiency in government departments, poor government contractors, no transparency, a complicated court system unavailable to the average Citizen, unsafe neighborhoods for children, loss of AAA credit rating, too much debt, too many taxes, a disappearing water supply and honey bee population, foreign countries stealing our fresh water and overfishing our fisheries, a toxic food supply, a battered environment incapable of replenishment, too many drugs and to little health, lack of a living wage, an internet economy run by middlemen and gatekeepers that prevents the cream from rising to the top, outsourced jobs, no equal rights and equal pay provision for women, horrible schools which churn out kids without careers, too many prisoners, welfare fraud. The Valentine Constitution solves all of those problems and more.

“The Valentine Constitution” finds effective solutions to America’s problems. What are the top 3 solutions, and how would they be effective?
Replacement of income, property, estate and all taxes with a tax of 5% from the buyer and seller in every transaction whereby the rich pay more but make more by using the time now spent on tax compliance instead making money and adding jobs.

The end of the fossil fuel and nuclear era and the rebuilding of our infrastructure around a solar highway saving us 50% of our energy currently lost in transmission from power plant to end user, returning sustainability to our environment, removing cancerous toxins and the resulting health care costs, making it impossible to knock out large parts of our energy or internet grid, allowing for driverless cars, working in rush hour (25% more earnings), median strip bullet lanes, no plowing or salting or downed power lines and the ability to export the technology.

An education curriculum that focuses on the development of our children's gifts, mentorships, apprenticeships, participation in maintenance, cooking and administration of their school, health and exercise, sugar free organic lunches, presentations by all, relationship class where kids learn each others stories and debunk the clique and rumor nastiness, and a commitment to giving our children safe and happy neighborhoods at the expense of organized crime and overzealous policing, and the ability of parents, teachers and students to fire bad teachers.

After reading “The Valentine Constitution", what are the next steps we need to take in order to pass this new Constitution?
If the people want it their politicians will vote it in. It's a fast and simple process requiring some or a combination of two-thirds of the US Congress and Senate and a majority vote of 38 (2/3rds) of the 50 state legislatures, or two-thirds vote of 38 of the 50 state legislatures. Other ways are available as well, but if the people make it clear that they want it, they will have it.

How many years have you devoted to the research and analysis of America’s problems? What triumphs and tribulations helped you become a political philosopher?
35 years of 90 hour workweeks, hardly any holidays or vacations, a 25 year vow of celibacy, 1,000 sit-ups per day for 35 years. Although I'm social and wear fashionable clothes and not robes, I'm a monk of the conscience, of right over wrong in all things such as is this job or person right for me. I dedicated my first 60 years to ending the suffering. I eschew the Buddhist requirement of suffering. No one should have to suffer, and no one would if we all did the right thing. It's so much easier than all the games used to avoid it. You feel so much better and are so much happier when you follow your instinct, you conscience, and juts do the right thing every single time. It's so oppressive otherwise. There's enough oppression without self imposing it. Jefferson knew about happiness. The right occupation, the right person, those are the big wins in life, not the super yacht or the latest fashion. You only want them to attract the right person anyway. My 60 years is up now, and yet I find myself continuing to follow my calling, if with far less intensity.

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