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Justin Davis is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert and internet marketer. He also has a website development company that builds websites for businesses and organizations. Justin is a familiar face in the SEO world and on social media. He is a certified Google partner. His personal goal is perfecting the science of manipulating and removing bad Google search results in favor of his clients. We have conducted an interview with him.

Why did you specialize in identity restoration services? How useful is this service?
I decided to get into identity restoration SEO because I started to get quite a bit of queries regarding it. People would call me and tell me about their struggles in getting a piece of the web removed or pushed way back in search results. Some times it was valid information, some times it wasn't. Bottom line, they didn't want it there anymore. As far as how useful it is, I'm sure you could imagine the situations where it could come in handy. When applying for jobs, networking with other people in the business or local community, social media, or any other time someone may look you up to get a little bit more information about you.

What other skills do you have related to SEO?
SEO consists of a lot of smaller skills in many ways. And then you have to look at the big picture. Skills such as keyword research, html, and content development (writing, video marketing, graphic design) and networking come in handly when trying to build the presence of a company online and in search results.

Which is the secret or main set of tactics involved in fixing the search results page?
Well, that's a question that we've answered and continue to answer every day. But if I just laid it all out there I might as well look for a new business to get into. And this discussion would last much longer. It all comes down to producing content and taking up space online. It's a fight for virtual real estate. The trick is that there is no trick. Google rewards those who create value for the user. So we create content that is valuable and worth of outranking the competition.

How can clients reach you about possible troubles or problems related to their online reputations?
I would always recommend just calling us up. 251-377-1924 Usually that's the quickest and easiest way of us both finding out about each other and seeing if we would be a fit. The thing about SEO is that you never know how much work is involved until you survey the situation of the current competition. You can also check out our website at or e-mail me

What kind of price range are your services in this arena?
It is impossible to throw an accurate number out there because you can imagine that different search results come up for different keyword phrases, and so there is no way to know before seeing a specific example. But if I was going to put it into perspective and give a bit of clarity I would say that for a small job like an individual wanting to get some SEO done to fix their internet reputation online it would probably be a one-time fee of between $500 and $2,000. For a business looking to get regular monthly SEO done (like they all should be doing but surprisingly are not) the price would range starting around $1,000 to $4,000 per month for the businesses we work with most frequently. You could literally spend tens of thousands on SEO if you wanted to though, and here is why: because when you spend money on SEO, you are investing money into the future of your business by increasing the chances of exposing your website to people and businesses much easier because of improving your rank in search results. It takes consistency and expert search engine optimization to improve the brand of your business or fix your reputation online.

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