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Undiscovered Television as heard on Jazz FM and on all fine internet stations, are a post-jazz quartet based in London. They specialise in accessible but intelligent and emotional postjazz. We have conducted an interview with them.

What is emotional post jazz?
I think the phrase used about us was "accessible intelligent and emotional post jazz" which I agree with. I think music is an emotional experience for musicians and listeners alike, even if the emotion is disgust! We are not trying to shock anyone out of their middle class complacency but we are not Muzac either. Hopefully this is a soundtrack to an HBO mini series waiting for you (dear listener) to star in. Hence: Undiscovered Television.

How do you feel having your album "Gypsy In a High Rise" voted as No.1 summer album?
The Kings of Spin voted us No.1 on their chart, which is fantastic news; to say how I feel, I feel like this album has legs and needs to have more exposure, before I can feel satisfied that the work is where it should be in the collective consciousness

Which instruments comprise the quartet?
The quartet is unique in Jazz, in that this outfit features an 8 string guitar and a cello, alongside a soprano sax and drums. The guitar was specially made for the album, to have the range of a double bass at the low end. 

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