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Veteran X

Our guest today is Bryant Cloud from Dallas, Texas. He runs a company that helps veterans get a 1 on 1 experience to help them develop their already great talents. We have conducted an interview with Bryant.

How does your company help veterans?
Our company helps veterans by providing them with their own advisor and mentor. This provides veterans with a 1 on 1 experience with someone that they know will be looking out for their well-being and providing them with the accountability they need to reach their goal.

What is your role exactly and what do you do?
I'm the Chief-VetX-Officer at Veteran X. I help develop our team and ensure that our veterans are receiving the best experience possible.

How do you do it?
We get on a call to access all of the veterans wants/needs. We then will select someone that can closely identify with the veteran we're working with and it's then that the Senior Lance, Team Leader, or Squad leader starts their mission.

What kind of 1 on 1 experiences can veterans expect?
All veterans that work with Veteran X can expect an experience that is specifically tailored to their needs. 1 on 1 guidance up to 24 hours a day, helping you uncover your "true" strengths, discovering your X Factor, assisting in finding you a position and industry that is suited for you, and giving more purpose to the life you're leading now.

How much will it cost? What should veterans do if they are interested?
We have options starting at $39 and going up to $119 monthly - depending on what you're trying to achieve at Veteran X. If interested please go to to learn more!

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