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Interview with James Blake, Founder of Vindicta Digital.

Today our guest is James Blake from Lisburn, Northern Ireland. He owns a digital agency called Vindicta Digital. They work with celebrities in the UK and US and also with large companies in Belfast and London. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you approach all your Business clientele?
In my opinion and also factually, every business is completely different as is every individual. I think the way we approach clients and companies is unique to each one. For example, some of our account managers will cold call, arrange to meet and introduce. The whole point in this first meeting is to begin finding out as much as possible about our client’s needs and wants. We’ll then take to this to our creative drawing board, put our heads together and propose a plan of attack.

I’m quite lucky that I tend to receive many referrals and phone calls to myself regarding Marketing, Web Design and SEO from both the Belfast, Northern Ireland Markets and London. I’ll usually tend to deal with 99% of these myself or send one of our trained SEO managers or Account Managers to meet with them.

I love what we do. I guess building relationships tends to work very well. Who knew!

What is the profile of your clients? Who do you want to reach?
Our profile of clients is extremely vast. We work with National to local companies. We have done branding and digital work for one of the best well-known brands in the UK alongside working with relatively unknown businesses to build their brands and get them out there.

It’s all about growth and making an impact.

We also have now picked up quite a few, well-known celeb type clients. We enjoy this kind of work as well, this is where we can get really creative and adapt branding to the crazy marketplace of Society and show biz. I’ve built some great relationships with some well know people which is always good for my own brand as a young entrepreneur.

Which are your best strengths/skills and what makes you valuable to them?
My greatest strength would most likely be tenacity and the fact that I am very self-aware. I continuously educate myself on our marketplace, industry and of course on our client’s industries. I also promote this throughout the business for every member of our team. Through doing this, we develop strong relationships and an understanding with our clients and their businesses. This only helps us develop strong marketing campaigns and web projects.

How do you describe your drive and passion for entrepreneurship? How do you normally develop yourself in this aspect?
My drive and passion for entrepreneurship are completely infinite. I’ve always been the kind of person willing to out-work everyone else if I love what I’m doing. I am a firm believer in entrepreneurship being a “hard-wired” trait. I think some people just don’t have it, and it’s extremely difficult to teach. In fact, in my opinion, schooling does the opposite for entrepreneurship, however that’s not get into that. I have extremely successful family members who started with nothing and have become leaders in their respective industries and I plan to do the same.

Which level do you want to achieve in the next five years? When do you want to reach your goals?
I would like to continue building Vindicta. Day in day out, I want to grow this business a little bit more. I’m never really satisfied and will probably never stop building and developing. I’d like to take Vindicta into Europe and the states. We’ve already a few clients in the states and a partnership on the horizon. But that’s something to talk about another day.

Long term I’ve ambitions to ensure there are more facilities and options available for entrepreneurs. I’d like young entrepreneurs to be taken more seriously. I think with us being very much in the digital world right now, it’s becoming a young man’s game. I’d like to see this promoted more.

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James Blake Official Website:

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