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Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape

Miranda N. Prather is passionate about writing and horses. Last year, she published Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape, which Hayley Mullins illustrated. It's a children's book based on the true life tale of her last horse, Blue Blue Sea. We have conducted an interview with her.

How many different kinds of characters are there in your books?
Thus far, I've only published, Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape, which is based on the true story of my last horse, so the main characters would be myself and Blue Blue Sea.

Which is your favourite?
Blue Blue Sea – there's a saying that you get one special horse in your lifetime, if you are a horse person and there is no doubt that Blue Blue Sea was that horse for me.

What are your key messages in your story?
In real life, Blue Blue Sea faced so many challenges from trying to make it as a racehorse to trying to find a good retirement home and then cancer and other health issues, the biggest being his disease that was like Crohn's. Blue Blue Sea never gave up through it all, so in the book, that's a key message – never giving up and finding your life's purpose.

What do you think Blue Blue Sea will say if it is able to 'speak'?
Ha! Blue Blue Sea was a very opinionated horse, and if you work around horses, you get to know what a look or action is saying pretty loud and clear. I think he would speak much like in the book though because he had a whimsical personality that was also very optimistic.

Why did you start out writing children's book instead of perhaps young adults or adults category?
I considered writing an adult book about Blue Blue Sea's life and still yet may do that, but I felt the message of hope and perseverance was one that more children needed to hear these days, so I started there.

Do you plan to write true tales about other animals next time?
I don't know about other animals, but I have another story of Blue Blue Sea or two in there, so I expect to do those.

What writing works/wishes do you have in mind for the near future?
In 2015, I completed my first novel and am already at work on another. I've also continued to write poetry and short stories as well as the occasional article or essay on a variety of topics. I plan to finish the other books in the the series about Blue Blue Sea's life, perhaps do a full-length adult book about my time with him and am at work on another novel now, too.

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