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Clyde el magnifico

Today our guest is Rafael Zuñiga Landeros aka Clyde el magnifico form Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Rafael is a singer, song writer and producer at urban music. He has featuring with: Jenni Rivera (la duda), Fidel Rueda (cuando llego a la disco), Nene Torres (que se caiga la cama) and others latin artists like, Franco el gorila, Joryboy, and soon he releases his first solo album named: Sin miedo. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you start being a songwriter? Which was your first song you have written?
Started doin music at the age of 10 writing songs about events in my life that happened to me. emotions, or things that i imagined and translated them into songs. It was something i always loved , just translating sounds and emotions i felt in that moment. he first song i composed and got on disc featured (ft.) Fidel Rueda, this song was a fusion of Cumbia, with Reggaeton, combining very happy latino rhythems which was effectively accepted by all the latino public.

Who inspires you in your music and songs?
My inspirations range from Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Juan Magan, Juan Gabriel and amongst others that through their music ( since they started ) filled me up to the maximum. Their lyrics, and they way they sung them to me was very unique since they started from the bottom believing in their dream, and being able to take their stories to the whole world so that other people would be able to identify with them on a personal level.

Why did you choose to produce urban music?
I chose Urban music because it seems like a complete style that represents my latin roots combining any instrument or musical style. it doesn't highlight any social class, nor sex, religion etc... It can be heard throughout the whole world and its combinations are infinite

What kind of influences do you get in your childhood/youth relating to music?
My childhood influences are: Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs and Harmony, 2Pac, Kris Kros, Biggie Smalls ( aka The Notorious B.I.G ) amongst many others.

Which is your solo album and what is it about?
My disc as a solo artist is called "SIN MIEDO" because that's how i started, even confronting any obstacle, test, or barrier that crossed my path. Confronting them face to face giving the best of me and putting all of my faith into this dream that identified with me. So you can see that everything is possible through a lot of hard work and dedication. Now that we dont choose our dreams, they choose us so that we can make them a reality.

This disc is full of variety with styles that range from: reggaeton, electroflow, merengue, bachata, electrolantino so that any person can listen to in a car, cellphone, club etc... Its full of emotions, happiness and love. Life experiences for any age and social class representing my essence and latin blood in which producers of high level collaborated like D.o el capitan, Nely el arma secreta, nan2, dj joe y duos con Jenni Rivera, Fidel Rueda, Nene Torres, general Mexcian group singers and other important artists from Puerto Rico and other countries. That way you can feel who Clyde is.

More info:
Facebook: clyde.el.magnifiico
Twitter: @losinesperados
Instagram: magnificusclyde
youtube:clyde el magnifico oficial
snapchat: magnificusclyde

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