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Discrete Defense Solutions

Tonight our guest is Bob Rein the owner of Discrete Defense Solutions. They offer Kydex holsters for handgun owners in the United States. We have conducted an interview with them.

What should concealed carry owners know about Discrete Defense Solutions?
CC gun owners should know that we are dedicated to making holsters for people that carry every day. Our goal is to eliminate discomfort for those who wear their firearm all day long. All of our concealed carry holster products are designed with comfort, durability and usability in mind. We use a real special product (Kydex) to make sure of that. Discrete Defense Solutions’ custom holsters are ready to be worn all day, every day. That’s unique. This is for the full sized, all day gun user. Our hand-crafted holsters are formed to your specific gun, ensuring a perfect fit 100% of the time.

What is the unique patent you own to create these holsters?
We have a unique patent on several holsters that help our users mount AR rifles in their vehicle, or conceal a handgun in their console holster. Both are patent pending.

What lead you to embark on this business?
Crappy plastic holsters, or leather holsters that wore out quick, caused me problems. I co-founded this company to solve a problem in the gun holster industry. We needed something better, that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Plus, all of our custom holsters are made in U.S.A. We pride ourselves on lightning quick turnaround times and equally impressive customer service. It’s not uncommon for us to field a few questions before fulfilling a purchase. You and your firearm are one of a kind, and that’s reflected in the way we make our products.

How comfortable are your holsters?
Very. That is something else we take great pride in. It’s not just about function, it’s about comfort, even if you are carrying a larger handgun on a daily basis.

What is on the horizon for Discrete Defense Solutions?
We are working on specific mounts for ATV’s and also for many jeeps. We would like to find steering column solutions for cars, trucks and eventually motorcycles as well. Carrying your favorite firearm shouldn’t be a hassle, and we are going to make sure of that!

Any thoughts on gun ownership in the US?
Yes, I have a lot. Too many to put here. But boiled down…we need to make sure that responsible gun owners don’t lose their rights. And that those who break the law with guns pay harsh penalties. There is a middle ground. We just have to find it and allow people to carry the gun of their choice as is their right.

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