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Don't Stop CO2 Emissions - Keep burning coal, oil & gas

Tonight our guest is J.C. Mirre the author of "Don't Stop CO2 Emissions - Keep burning coal, oil & gas". The book shows that CO2 in the Earth atmosphere has been diminishing for the last 3,000 million years and makes today only 0.04% of the atmosphere. Yet CO2 is the gas of life. No life is possible if CO2 drops below 0.02% (200ppm). Intelligent Humans were created by evolution to stop this natural CO2 depletion. It's our duty to preserve life on Earth. We have conducted an interview with him.

What problems in the way knowledge about Carbon Dioxide is disseminated nowadays that led you to write this book?
Most people are driven by the Climate Change theories and think that CO2 is a noxious gas polluting our atmosphere. But as taught in schools from first grades and is written in basic science books the fact is the opposite: CO2 is the GAS OF LIFE. Plants make millions of different organic molecules out of CO2 and water: our daily food, from fruits to grains, from steaks to chicken. Without CO2 no life on Earth would be possible.

How can we as humans help to stop the natural carbon dioxide depletion?
When life spammed 550 million years ago (Cambrian) the Earth atmosphere was 7,000ppm CO2, about 20 times the current level. Since then it has dropped to the present 400ppm. If we continue burning of carbon reserves that Nature saved for humans to refill the atmospheric CO2 we will stop the natural CO2 depletion and avoid the disaster.

"No life is possible if co2 drops below 0.02%". Where can people find out this percentage point is not hit?
There is a large number of scientific papers & books dealing on how plants suffer under atmospheres with less than 200ppm CO2 Growth & reproductive capacity (flowers and seeds) are dramatically harassed. Below 150ppm most plants would stop photosynthesis and die.

Where are the resources for this critical information?
Hundreds of papers and many books. Plus common sense: if photosynthesis is jeopardizing plants will stop growing and without plants, life will come to an end. Plants are the factories of our daily food if they can't make carbon-based organic molecules out of CO2 we are in trouble.

What are the existing efforts that you think is positively making an impact towards understanding how we can preserve life on Earth?
Life on Earth depends on plants photosynthesis, an alchemy based on sun, water & CO2. We have plenty of sunlight, plenty of water but only 0.04% CO2. That's the main issue: WE ALL DEPEND ON ONLY 0.04% CO2.

Consider the people who do not understand chemistry, what will be the best way to reach out to them?
Think about the meager figure that 0.04% is. In your daily life 0.04% of 24 hours is only 1 minute, the time it takes you to sip a small coffee cup or dress-up in a hurry. 0.04% of a 2,500u$ monthly wage is one buck.

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