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Esanosys - marketing automation services

Today our guest is Sourabh Mathur the Founder and CEO of Esanosys, a marketing automation services company headquartered in Bangalore. Marketer by profession, doting dad at home, loves marketing automation. Trying to make the world of marketing better one workflow at a time. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you help marketing automation users and how your services suit them the most?
Marketing Automation is highly misunderstood. We found many users not using marketing automation to it’s fullest capability. We also found many users who think marketing automation is email marketing automation. However, in reality marketing automation offers much more and is actually an ERP for progressive marketing teams. We help companies of all sizes choose the right software, manage end-to-end implementation marketing and integration of marketing automation software with their websites/apps and existing applications like CRM, lead management systems, billing, analytics and other tools.

When companies look out for marketing automation solutions in the market, they come across numerous marketing automation vendors. In fact, there are over 200 marketing automation solutions available in the market today and the list f growing. That’s a lot of vendors all over the world for something that is just catching on.

Each vendor obviously presents biased reasons on why their system is the best. Luckily, we have vendors focussing on different segments: start-ups, midsized companies and large enterprises but that also doesn’t help the buyers. We help our customers navigate through this maze and help them choose the best marketing automation system for their company. We also help them implement the system, integrate it with existing systems and demonstrate positive RoI on their investments. This not only helps them minimise the errors but also helps them save on valuable time and resources. Best of all, our clients are able to boost their website traffic, generate more leads and are able to delight existing customers with intelligent marketing automation.

What are the benefits of using your marketing automation services?
I have been asked this question many times. I suggest our clients to ask a couple of companies around them about their experience with marketing automation implementation. Chances are most of them will say it was painful. The most common complains are very long implementation times, marketing automation software vendor not able to configure the system properly and improper integration. Many companies end up paying lot more than initially budgeted and that adds to the pain. Many marketing automation software vendors charge anything between $500- $5000 and beyond for basic implementation and training. At similar budgets, we do end-to-end implementation, training and hand hold our clients till they are comfortable using the tool themselves.

Which is the most common confusion for people using a marketing automation system?
Many people actually end up making an unwanted choice of changing their existing processes/workflows to suit the features and capabilities of the marketing automation tool they purchase. In ideal situation, the tool should be flexible enough to cater to the needs of the customers. With some tweaking, any tool can be configured to suit the existing workflows of marketing teams.

We also meet a lot of people who believe that marketing automation technology is purely for marketers but in reality sales people are biggest beneficiaries of this technology. Many successful sales teams use the marketing intelligence generated by this system, coupled with lead scoring, lead revisit notifications to close more deals, faster. Companies should compulsorily integrate the marketing automation system with their CRMs to reap the fruits of this technology.

In what ways do you help them understand how different/unique your services are?
We understand this is a niche technology. Less than 5% businesses in US have adopted marketing automation. The awareness about marketing automation is pretty low. We educate marketers about this wonderful technology through our blog, videos and other content resources, we regular publish. Our blog has a huge following and is a great place to learn the best practices in marketing automation.

We are probably one of the 5 or so firms worldwide who are vendor-neutral and that’s a big advantage to our clients. Rather than selling an expensive system, we work with our clients and help them choose the best system. We help them save money at every stage. Some of the big marketing automation vendors hate us because we help our clients save money and take away their business.

What are the implementation possibilities and what kind of marketing problems/issues can your company's services solve?
For new users, we can help them with a robust implementation which will continue to give benefits for many years to come. For companies with existing marketing automation systems, we do implementation audits, creation of new workflows, integrations with new apps. Our marketing automation content and creative services’ teams help our clients create aesthetically beautiful and functionally relevant content for the their audience. Content is the fuel for marketing automation and careful planning of right content for ToFu, MoFu and BoFu (funnel stages) contacts is essential. Right timing and understanding user behaviour is equally important to deliver a good experience to prospects on your website via smart workflows and dynamic content.

Who do you recommend to take note of your services? What kind of companies and in which industries?
I would say any organization interested in growing their visitors and leads should look at Esanosys. Most importantly, organization who want to create intelligent marketing campaigns. Also organisations who aspire to be the thought leaders in their industry who partner with Esanosys here.

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