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Interview with actor Tino Orsini

Tino Orsini is an Italian actor living in London, he has just finished a run of an American play at the biggest arts festival in the world. Tino is also a Podcaster with his own award nominated show on iTunes. We have conducted an interview with him.

In your opinion, how different is acting in UK versus acting in Hollywood?
Well, I've been acting far more years in the UK than I did in Hollywood so I can't really compare fairly but I would say in Hollywood actors are far more market-savvy and the Industry is mainly interested in making movies that will be profitable whereas in the UK there is a much more diverse acceptance of the Independent film scene and taking risks with projects with a,shall we say, more controversial or sensitive nature that the studios are not prepared to take.

Do you prefer some roles over the others? Which are your favourite roles?
Of course, but generally if I read a script which has something different to say and resonates with me then I will pick the ones that will be more of a challenge and take me on a totally different journey. Those are the special ones!

I love playing characters that teach me something about myself in the process.

Besides fame, what do you hope to achieve in your acting career? What are your goals?
I know it's such a cliche but I really don't care about Fame. I hope that my work will stand the test of time and is able to change the audience in some way and have a message of hope.

My goals are to create my own projects as well as collaborating with others. I don't want to lose the vision that I have had all my life and be able to have the opportunity to create art that comes from my heart and soul.

What is the character that you acted in the American play at the biggest arts festival in the world?
I played the role of 'Frank Abbey' in 'Family Values' by Michael Dalberg at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was a really challenging role to get right because it was quite a complex and violent play about the mafia.

He was somebody with many layers and pretending to be someone he wasn't which intrigued me and gave me a lot to play with.

What kind of topics are discussed in your award nominated show on iTunes, "Tino Orsini Show"?
Well, basically it's an irreverent look at the Arts scene in London and beyond so with my guests we can discuss anything from art exhibitions, the music scene,working in Theatre and Cinema or even just about more frivolous topics such as texting or their love lives! No subject is out of bounds,with just a few exceptions!

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