Interview with expressionist artist Kerensa

Kerensa is an emerging and ambitious artist living in East Sussex on the outskirts of Brighton. She is living with her 29 years old wife to be and two sons. Kerensa is passionate about gay rights and fighting discrimination in general, art and colour. She paints the feeling behind a moment and try to capture the emotion or atmosphere as opposed to realism. We have conducted an interview with her.

What essentially is the most important elements to be able to paint the feeling behind a moment?
The passion to want to show more than what can be seen. And everyone would paint it differently. Acknowledging we all see and think differently is key to overcoming social boundaries and prejdices. We are united by the fact we are human and can feel. Art is about expression to me. No art is meaningless and neither is a moment in time.

Why do you want to be an Expressionist Artist?
Expressionism is about the moment, the feeling and trying to represent that on a canvas. I cannot paint as it is, I know people are not blue but neither is everyone the same colour. Features determine and indentify a person and I paint the colour of what I see in them and I find blue to be a very versatile colour.

How do you think art can be used to change the world for the better?
I am not sure anyone's art can change the world but it can contribute. I dont believe in pushing agenda but what I can say is that I believe in people knowing the artist in order to learn than anyone can be anything if they want to and are passionate about their choices in life.

Who or what influences your art work and artistic creations?
I love the works of Derain and Gauguin. Their use of colour is refreshing and steers away from photographic represntation. I reassure myself in my colour choices by knowing I am not alone in my creative style. Matisse is another artist I admire for his simplistic representations of people and how accuracy in form is not necessary to represent a moment.

Which are the other ways do you capture the spirit based on experiences you have had and things you have seen?
I use photographs I have taken and use the feeling they instill to fuel my painting. Emotions are definitely the catalyst to my art.

I also write a blog and use Twiiter to gain an understanding of the way others see the world and keep up to date with movements in society. I have a particular interest in the LGBTQ community and want to create some art to challenge the heteronormativity in the world.

Too often it is taken for granted that someone is a white hetersexual person.

There are far more unseen communities than there are seen. Everyone matters regardless of race, sexuality, religion, or how someone identifies as a person.

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