Interview with Heiko Friedlein

Heiko Friedlein is a 41 years old pensionist from Bavaria, Germany working in multi-level marketing. He has written a manuscript .pdf of 77 pages about his time in Mozambique and search for a publisher, but do also market research and artwork

What are the highlights of events during your time in Mozambique?
The most impressive time in this Front Line State Mozambique of Africa close to Madagaskar was my vacational trip from the second largest city, Beira into the continent to find a remarkable mountain, "Old man´s head" = "Monte maisvelho", the Monument of Great Zimbabwe at Masvingo in Zimbabwe, a former rain making shrine and an old Portuguese fortress, "Ruina Fortaleza" also in the North West areas of Mozambique.

What is your background?
My background to do this journey, that needs years of a lifetime to be prepared, fulfilled and reflected was Geographic matter at grammar school and Uni Bayreuth, Northern Bavaria, a strongly sportive german Army training just before the core time and reflecting years on my fathers farm in Kulmbach, Upper Francony, before I could integrate into German daily life again and succeeded there addition.

Who inspires you to write your experiences in Mozambique into the 77-page manuscript?
I write impressionistic and fragmentary - my personal creative behavior is the only rule.

Which target group do you want to reach out to with your writing?
I want to reach out to everybody interested.

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