Interview with indie author Cahill-Lloyd

Andrew Cahill (Pen name Cahill-Lloyd) is an Aussie Indie Author of books aimed at older children, tweens and teens. His books deal with issues such as Racism, Homophobia and Religious Oppression. We have conducted an interview with him.

Why did you choose to write books for older children, tweens and teens?
It all started when I was fiddling with Digital Designs for Mobile Phone cases. I decided to create characters that the kids might enjoy, such as a Pteranodon, a Penguin and a Cow.
The books grew out of that. Though it started with kids in mind, as the books evolved I realised they were more suitable for Older kids and Teens. A Movie Studio executive that has read the Movie Script version of Book One has suggested a PG rating.

Which are the issues that your books deal with?
The books deal with Racism, Homophobia and Religious Entitlement. They teach children that these concepts are dated and we need to move on with tolerance and acceptance.

What is the most challenging conflict in your stories? Why?
My characters spend the three books trying to solve the mystery of the actions of an Alien traitor, along with his exact location. They need to remove him from the Earth and it’s timeline.
The human protagonists are helping to hide him, whilst using his advanced knowledge and Alien technology, to attempt to hide the Earth from the outside galaxy. His presence isn’t compatible with their Religious beliefs, but they are willing to use him to ensure these beliefs remains intact.

What is your secret in developing effective, memorable characters for your stories?
I have spent a lot of time to make the character’s as individual as possible while also creating a way of interaction which is different for each relationship. My mother says she “loves Florence the Jersey Cow, that she is a beautiful character.” One review says my “writing style makes them leap of the page.”

Which is one setting in your own book that you wish you can visit? Why did you choose this setting?
My characters visit a lot of real world locations in the search for the Traitor. Everything from a farm in Longreach Queensland Australia, to the Matterhorn , Paris, and The Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas, along with a few planets in various parts of the galaxy.

The Johnson Space centre is the one location I most want to visit, as it show the history of Human space exploration. A fascinating day I’m sure.

Which book has influenced you in your own teenage years?
In my Teen years I was reading Wilbur Smith, and John Wyndham. I enjoy the human struggles of Wilbur Smith’s characters. John Wyndham laid the foundations for my enjoyment of Sci-Fi.
Day of the Triffids and Midwich Cuckoos stand out for me.

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