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Interview with Miles Rothwell

Miles Rothwell lives in Sydney, Australia. He has written 6 novels so far. We have conducted an interview with him.

Where did you conceptualise the story for your novel 'Night Watchers'?
Night Watchers came from a dream while in Bali. The basic idea was about a spiritual awakening where spirits held everything together at night while people are asleep. The shapes of the spirits were like energy forms that moved protect life at night so everything is there again for us in the morning.

How challenging is writing about real and imaginary essences?
I find it much more interesting to write about what life should be and not what it is. My dream is to help people see what life should be like - peace and happiness etc.

For crafting your characters, is it sometimes your own voice for example in 'Terence' in your book '...a fleeting glimpse...'?
Terence Teddy Thorpe is very much me, a younger version perhaps but definitely my views and reflections of the world.

Which are the interesting events when you write about Angels?
In Genius Remote the Angels direct people to make movies to show the way of enlightenment as God (the Old Man) can't do it directly because of free-will. The interesting event for me to write about was when the two Angels fell in love but would have to become human to be together thus relinquishing the immortality.

While writing which novel do you learn the most? In which ways?
All my novels are great learning vehicles, but I would say a fleeting glimpse was the most challenging as I was attempting to satirise and pay tribute to James Joyce at the same time.

What other new topics/subjects you would like to explore further in the near future?
The next novels are more experimental in nature exploring surreal and consciousness.

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