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Interview with music producer Vyt4s

Vyt4s is a 23 Years old Music Producer. He is currently studying business management at a College in Marijampolė. Vyt4s started his Dj career in 2015. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspired you to act on your talent?
Well, There was many people in a Row Since I started making my own singles, even before that. But mainly there was one person that I should be thankful and it’s Tiësto. When I saw his concert in 2004 I was 11 years old and heard his track Adagio for Strings then I thought “wow you can play your music to big audience, share your ideas, feelings, creativity and be youself” then was first time that I had to learn all about producing software, and till 2011 I made my first track. I even remember when right before my pc crashed ( then was old good xp windows) I had ~6000 Tracks & was dreaming when I will be able to mix them or even make mixes with my own music. That’s how my journey in EDM started.

Do you consider 'Electronic Dance Music' mixing your strengths?
Indeed. I mean when I first time explored Electronic Dance Music and I bet it was kind in 2011, same time as I started making my own music, it molded my style during thiese 5 years of practicing Producing. I even remember how basically I started getting into dance music from Trance Genre (Even My first Release is Trance Genre), then in about 2009 it started to shift from Trance to Dance Music, started to listen Power Hit Radio station, till in 2011 I discovered DJ Gerrard This was Person which concept to share music for Entertaining people on youtube with videos from various festivals got me so hard and I was hooked into it, So thanks DJ Gerrard!

Since then I started to learn how use various EQ’s, effects, Plugins, Mastering & Mixing skills also I learned much more about Fl Studio 11 Producer Edition and EDM Structure. Especial a lot i learned from Youtuber – SeamlessR, thank you so much. With his help in 2014 year I had massive improve on my music quality and sounds started to hear like bigger and more realistic dream. I remember in 2014 year December I was creating 2 mixes called “Best EDM of 2014 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” then when I released those (I just started to learn Ableton live) I thought “If I adding mixes these mixes they have to give value for people and represent something big, something new” that’s how “Rising Power” mixes concept was born. Those details, life moments, ideas and people who I discovered in past really got me knowledge to mix up my strengths into one strong personality which I choose as my artist stage name - Vyt4s.

Please tell us about your story which motivated you? Which is your latest Released Tracks, Remixes & EDM Mixes of Rising Power?
Well this one I think will motivate people to reach what they want achieve in life. I was little kid second on my family and it’s obvious that my sister got much more attention. And no matter how much I wanted to get attention I was in second plan. From my early 8 I went to school and people was judging my because of my skinny looks, because of the way I was introvert. Every day I was in pain but same time since 4 grade I was building business plan in my head how I will show everyone that they was wrong about me and I meant to be huge to be seen as person not as joke object. So as I mentioned in 2004 years when I discovered Tiesto I made statement for myself “I will become the world NO.1 Dj”

My parents thought I was nuts, that it is waste of time and no one cares, especial in their opinion if no one in Lithuania ( my country) plays track on radio it means that I have no chance. In a way they were right, but they don’t know that there is a process, idea, developing, mixing elements, mastering track, submission, Promotion, audience collecting list goes on and on, and in a process of that I learned that I can count on myself and on hard work each day developing my skills.

While I was making Rising Power Mixes, remixes of popular EDM artists & making my own releases in 2016 year summer I found this guy Gary Vaynerchuk and he’s charisma just crushed all my doubts on myself, mainly what this guy told that “Far more important bet on your strengths and go all chips in & take risk” also he defined me how I can promote myself as an artist so I made fresh twitter, Instagram, youtube social network platforms profiles and so far each day I posting something new, progress of my producing process & as long as I am alive I will provide best EDM content possible out there in social media.

Motivation is huge engine that drives me and most of all these people that inspired me I would say Hardwell, because this guy is biggest artist in EDM Culture since 2011, he’s dedication, for making music, design the show visuals, represent himself on HOA, doing mixes every week that’s a drive which made my mind going into such state, that even most pessimistic people around me was overwhelmed with my dedication for producing. Especial the quote from his documentary title “If You Can Dream It You Can Do It” Really made me infinite motivated.

Recently I Released my 21 Single Cosmic, and it’s first Release after this amazing 2K16 summer that I ever had. Also I Closed last summer month with 3 beautiful Releases: Anubis (with amazing Egypt sound that I made myself), Chinatown (with powerful melody from beautiful Japanese sounds) and Japan (this have so sensual melody that makes you feel surrounded by Japanese nature). Also I closed this summer with massive EDM Remix of “Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Ft. Ryan Tedder – Calling” and while I’m writing these answers in 01:49AM today I will Release My Remix of Avicii – Levels in my Soundcloud Network Page.

Rising Power mixes definitely is most inspiring and fresh idea I ever did, for those who loves year mixes I suggest to listen Rising Power Best EDM Of 2015 Vol. 17 & for those who want hear fresh EDM tracks remix I proudly present September mix of Rising Power 2K16 Vol. 27 I can assure after these mixes experience you will hooked up into EDM world and your mindset, understanding of music, perspective, inspiration never will be the same! ;)

What are your goals?
In my life I had a lot experience which had me thinking what would be my goals and now when 2K16 Started boosting into 2K17 I am clear about my goals and they are 5:

1. Make my music, remixes, Rising Power Mixes every day & become world NO. 1 DJ.
2. Have my own EDM Concert played live to all my fans, friends & EDM lovers.
3. When I will become NO. 1 DJ or even before it start my own Record Label to connect EDM artist around the globe to public recognition and making their dreams come true!
4. Release My own Documentary movie worldwide about my journey in EDM world.
5. When I will have a lot experience (we all learning all the time even till last day of our life) open school to teach how to produce EDM music to get it even larger Impact on worldwide EDM Music Culture & share knowledge for upcoming young producers.

Where can we find out more about your previews of upcoming tracks & mixes making update?
All who want outstanding EDM experience & want to hear my original Releases, Remixes & Rising Power Mixes You can find me in Social Network Links bellow:

Original Productions

Producing\Mixing Progress, Video Previews

Mixes, Singles, Remixes Releases Listening

Lastest Original Productions, Remixes, Mixes Releases

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