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Interview with versatile artist M16 roundz

M16 roundz is a versatile artist from Baltimore Maryland. He makes real life music that often fits under different genders. His is a father of 3 boys and overall he has been sharing his music since June 2016. We have conducted an interview with him.

Which are the top 3 favourite genres of music do you listen to?
My honest answer to that is I don't listen other music it helps me Ensure that I will be all myself when I'm making my own

What kind of real life music do you make?
All my rhymes is about different aspects of my life whether it's my 3 boys that I take care of problems in my life I go through problems I have been threw like me as a black man may go through that I feel like I should address whatever I no knowledge of it's real to me it's capable of being a song.

Is there anyone who influence you in your music styles?
I think I'm very unique and the fact that I don't listen to anything to me makes it seem like you can't really say I sound like anybody cuz that's what I'm trying not to do so therefore no one influences me non-stop except maybe the beat I can ride a beat they be talking to me but keeping it true n being myself is my. Influence behind my music.

Where can people find your blog radio channel?
You can become a fan on follow me them16roundz on Twitter call (6464783665) hot97 n request to here 3 of my songs #booty #Friday #ishine download 50artist50states app I'm on that got selected for coast 2 coast live events n will be at the heat wave fest sept 25 clubdepot

What other works of art do you create as a versatile artist?
I think there's an art and figure someone out and get them to reach their full potential so life teacher of 3 is my versatile

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