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Series5 Web Design and Seo

Allen Levings is from the beautiful Las Vegas, NV. He is the owner of Series 5 Web Design and SEO, offering web design and development services, as well as SEO and internet marketing. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is your background and how long have you been in the web design and development services, SEO and Internet marketing?
I have been doing web design and development for 7 years now, and SEO and internet marketing for 2. I really just fell into this career in college. I was attending school to get my degree in Accounting and Finance, and there was a semester that all of the classes I needed had filled up before I could get in. I decided to take a single class that semester anyway, just for fun. I ended up taking Web Design 101, and from the first line of code I was in love! I marveled at how I could make the web dance with the right combination of symbols and letters. It was empowering!

A few years later, I learned about SEO and right away I knew it was something I could excel at so I decided to give it a shot. In 3 weeks, I had taken a local plumber’s website from not being on Google at all, to having 19 keywords #1 on Google! I couldn’t believe it! The owner called me and told me to slow down because he could not hire good plumbers fast enough to keep up with all of the calls he was getting. I felt so amazing that I had taken a guy that just wanted to take care of his family and turned his business into a cash machine. He is still one of the busiest plumbing companies in Las Vegas, and knowing I had a hand in helping with that makes me feel better than I can express.

What is/are the most popular way/s to improve lead generation for small businesses nowadays?
It seems a bit counter-intuitive, but teaching people how to do your job. One of the things I like to do is teach people SEO through my blog and social media. This positions me as an authority, and when people are ready to buy, they know who the expert is.

The reality is that people who are willing to do something themselves are going to do it themselves. I am not going to convince them to hire me instead. If you don’t provide the info, someone else will. But when that person is ready to buy, or if someone asks them for a referral, I will be on the front of their mind.

Do you think it is possible for small business owners with small budgets meet their marketing goals?
Absolutely! A small business owner doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars every month on SEO to be successful. There are so many avenues for getting your business out there, it just takes a little work and time. Businesses can post on social media, write a blog, ask for testimonials from their past customers, or so many other things.

How are you able to help them? What is an advice you want to give?
Something I have really built my business on is understanding that some businesses simply don’t have a large budget for SEO, web design, or marketing and they don’t have the knowledge or time either. So I do everything I can to work with these businesses knowing that if I can increase their revenue, then I can create the money needed for a marketing budget by increasing revenue and profits.

The best piece of advice I can give is don’t wait to market your business. A business simply won’t market itself. A trap I have seen so many business owners fall into is this idea that they don’t have enough money to commit to advertising, so they do nothing at all. You cannot succeed without some form of marketing.

What is your belief in the power of Internet?
The internet has changed the course of human history, for better or worse. The reality is that the internet has changed the way we do everything in our lives including the way we do business. It has never been easier to do so much to improve ourselves, our families, and our businesses. There is really no excuse for someone trying to build or grow a business to not be online. There are 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day. That is just Google! Couple that number with the amount of searches on Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more and you get more searches every day than there are people on the Earth. How many of those searches do you need to have more business than you can handle? Just a fraction!

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