Shelter 4 Art

Zizo Manona, is a young creative from South Africa. She was born in the Eastern Cape but later moved to Cape Town, Western Cape. She owns her own company called Shelter 4 Art. We have conducted an interview with her.

How does a day as an artist looks like for you? What is the best part of your day to day life as an artist?
A day as an artist starts very early. I'm one of those people that likes strategically plan for all my day's events. 5:30 am I'm up, after that I get into Shelter4Art orders. I'll have a look at a brief then start designing, or if it's photography related I'll obviously have to look into that. My days are seldom them same, some days I'm required to do everything at once and other days are focused on one task.
The best part of my day is doing what I love the most, I can't fathom not being able to create, visualize and dream. I love how a blank canvas can transform into the most beautiful of pieces.

What is your background and how does everything comes together?
I studied Art and Design foundation at the College of Cape Town, spent some time at a major corporation, helping out with their design elements, as well as photography. I have a few pieces of mine currently being exhibited at the Knobs and Tassels gallery in Woodstock Cape Town. Everything comes together by the Grace of God man. Not to mention the hard work, self belief and many hours of Labour.

How did you started your company "Shelter 4 Art"?
I started Shelter4Art in year 2014, I can design, draw, and take pictures. Why not use my skills to make a living.

How do artists work?
It is differs from artist to artist; I normally just start with a sketch, from there onwards I do some internet related work, just to see what trending out there. I love mashing things together. I like to zone out, play some music *Hip Hop*.

Which is the most challenging projects/art that you have undertaken? Why was it a challenge?
The most challenging project had definitely been my work with Knobbs and Tassels gallery.

They are always looking for innovative and creative art. I really have to think hard about what It is that I'm doing. Art has a purpose and a message behind it. An artist doesn't just create for the sake of creating.

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