Chelsey is a Creative Strategist working for The PARAGRAPH Project, a brand strategy firm based out of Durham, North Carolina. They're launching a Kickstarter on October 5th for our Discovery Toolkit. The Toolkit is a distillation of everything we've learned over the past 11 years that can help start a marketing project off on the right foot. We have conducted an interview with Chelsey.

What is so unique about 'The PARAGRAPH Project'?
At PARAGRAPH we’re all about applying creativity to every step of the strategic development process. We apply a creative approach to every project to help our clients uncover previously overlooked opportunities. We've worked with everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies and get them to think about their challenges in completely different ways. Our style offers an alternative to the traditional forms of research and strategy that are either uninspired or over-intellectualized.

What is the 'Discovery Toolkit'?
The Discovery Toolkit is our distillation of what we've learned kicking off brand strategy projects over the past 10+ years. It's an interactive step-by-step guide for launching a brand strategy project. All packaged in a fun, collaborative format that sparks new and better ways to talk about a brand.

Who is it for?
The Discovery Toolkit is for anyone looking for a way to build a stronger, more powerful brand, either for themselves or for their clients.

How will it work for Agency account people, and creatives?
Agency account people can use the Discovery Toolkit to establish themselves as true stewards of their clients brand by getting everyone on the same page from day one. Creatives can use it to generate more vivid conversation around a client brief, brainstorm new ideas, and uncover more fertile creative territory.

How do you ensure it is useful for those who apply it?
The Discovery Toolkit comes with over a dozen tools that make it easier than ever to pick up and run with. In addition to the tools and materials needed to effectively run a productive kick-off work session, the Discovery Toolkit also comes with a 30-page booklet that provides step-by-step instruction. We’ve made it easy, regardless of how much experience someone has leading work sessions. Should anyone run into trouble, our team is always eager to help.

When are you launching the crowdfunding of this project?
The Discovery Toolkit launches on Kickstarter October 5th.

Which is the most interesting perk?
We have two really cool perks – each at different ends of the spectrum. At the lowest level, you get a virtual high-five from one of our many office dogs. One of our highest level perks is a 10-pack of Discovery Toolkits for larger teams or companies. The 10-pack comes with a customizable twist. If you commit to 10 packs, we’ll customize the toolkits to match your company colors.

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