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Tonight our guests are Hannah Milward and Phil Milward from Wellington and Phil Crocker from Melbourne. They have recently developed a personal safety tool called Verisafe. Verisafe provides a help button that users can press if they are in trouble, instantly e-mailing, texting and calling their contact person's with their details and GPS data. We have conducted an interview with Hannah and Phil.

What kind of features are in this personal safety tool 'Verisafe' ?

i) A Help Button.
Users press if they are in trouble, instantly emailing, texting and calling their designated contacts along with details of Help needed and GPS position.

ii) An ‘At Risk’ Button.
Users press if they think they are at risk, setting themselves up to 'check in' at intervals they set. If they do not check in, emergency contacts are alerted with details and latest GPS data. [GPS data is captured automatically every 1o minutes while At Risk is active.]

iii) Automated "Home Safe" checks.
Users can set up their contacts with daily (or as many times per day as required) SMS safety check up message/s. Once they are set up, it runs with no further input. Simply set and forget. An alert is sent ONLY if a recipient does NOT confirm they are OK by clicking on the link within the automated text message.

Who is this tool designed for?
Verisafe is for anyone working, living and travelling in potentially risky or isolated environments.

How does it add value to the quality of life of your target audience and what are benefits of using it?
Versiafe helps users to manage risks present in daily life. It has the potential to save lives and reduce harm. Using travel as an example, If groups of travellers or individuals become separated or find themselves in trouble – The “Help” button can be pressed at anytime alerting contacts of details and GPS location. - Alternatively, if a traveller is at risk, eg being followed; in a strange location; or out on adventures, pressing the “At Risk” button will set a predicted time frame for the user to check in. Failing to check in or cancel the “At Risk” will alert contacts. This gives travellers confidence and peace of mind.

What causes this tool to instantly email, text and call emergency contacts?
i/ Pressing the Help Button
ii When a user does not check in or cancel after pressing At Risk
iii/ When a Safety Check message is not acknowledged

How is it powered?
Verisafe is a smartphone application that runs on android and iPhone platforms. It works on any active phone network as long as the user has data enabled (or within wifi range).

Are there any mechanism to avoid false alarms for the 'At Risk' button?
SMS reminders are sent before an alert is sent. False alarms can still occur, but we don’t believe this to be a problem. Worst case scenario is that someone calls to check up on a loved one or worker’s safety when not actually in danger.

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