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Visions N Voices Tuning In To the Other Side of Life

Tania Thomas is a Spiritual Psychic Medium in Canada who is doing something new in travelling the country with a rock star. They put together a live show called Visions N Voices Tuning In To the Other Side of Life. We have conducted an interview with her.

What inspires you to organise the live show called 'Visions N Voices Tuning In To the Other Side'?
Visions N Voices was created to help ease the discomfort of physical loss. I have been a Spiritual Medium for several years professionally and needed to find a venue for those who were seeking comfort, direction, and faith that they were not alone. Bringing music into the messages was a complete no brainer. Spirit side responds best to joy, to laughter, to dancing, and to music. It is hard for them to move freely through anger and heavy grief.

Who are you traveling within the country?
I travel the country with the Sarah Smith duo. Sarah is a lively energy who brings her own brand of healing through her music. She intuitively gears her words to what each audience needs in the moment.

Which are the locations/venues of your live show?
We tend to gravitate to venues in smaller towns, where losses are felt more intimately, neighbors support each other and community is strong.

What is it like being the 'connector' as the spiritual psychic medium?
It is the connector! I always say that I am like the phone in between a long distance call. I move out of my own ego and step into an intimate conversation that was never continued. Like writing the last chapter on a book that wasn't finished. I feel honored at being witness to something so beautiful.

What has been the most amazing experience for you?
Every day. The simple act of witnessing someone believe in amazing to me.

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