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Today our guest is Zenferren. An artist who specializes in pop-art and stippling. He is a self-taught-color-blind-stippler selling his Pop-Art Prints, Tees, Apparel, Doodads etc on Redbubble, Society6, Teepublic, and Designbyhumans. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you begin to specialize in pop-art and stippling?
I began stippling, which is a style of ink drawing where small dots are used to create the shading and dimension of the art, when I was a teen. It’s an extraordinarily time consuming way to create art.

Which are the items you can create from your art and stippling work?
I create unusual pop-art images using (mostly) the stippling method. My designs can be purchased as prints, on apparel, and other assorted items.

What are the challenges you face as a color-blind stippler?
Since I’m color blind, working in black and gray-scale proved to be easier for me. So it was natural that I would focus on a technique where only a black pen is used to create the art. When I do use color, I stick to bright primary colors.

Where can we find your products with stippling art?
My art can be found at, 

What kind of objects or scenes inspires you in your art?
The ideas that I turn into drawings mainly come from my imagination. They are combinations of things I’ve seen, dream about, and made up from nothing. This, I hope, results in truly unique results.

Which is your top-selling product?
After doing this for decades, I’ve only recently started selling prints and apparel, etc. My most popular items to date seem to be tee-shirts. Stickers too!

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