“Dream it. Wish it. Do it” – Interview with Dom Kepska, Managing Owner of Intermedia Global Team and Intermedia Creator.

Our guest today is Dom Kepska, the owner of creative Agency Intermedia Global Team. Apart from web design, their flagship product is Intermedia Website Creator. Their main goal and mission is to encourage people who just start their businesses or have a small business and do not have yet the means for websites, just to take the risk and go for it.

How does having unlimited server space differentiate you from your competition in today's web design needs?
Limited server space can be a huge problem for many customers, especially if they need a complex website with a lot of content. Besides, due to constant technological development, in order to capture the attention of the potential customers you have to keep coming up with more and more innovative, eye-catching design. It can never be stressed enough that aesthetically pleasing graphics are essential for a website to succeed. This is why we make sure that no matter how many photos or videos you are planning to upload, you don’t have to worry about exceeding the space limit.

What kind of white label reseller solution can you provide?
You can easily start your own website builder business. Whether you are a designer with “unlimited licences” requirement only, or a cloud hosting company, our offer delivers everything you need to run it on your end - from reports and tracking, full control over users, your own domains’ API, customized billing to server ownership. We grow with our partners. You can upgrade to any of the packages at any time without data loss. We will guide you through the process of implementing each of the steps.

How does your partnership program work?
We enable our partners to benefit from introducing new customers to our product. Each time you convince a friend to purchase our premium package, you will get a 30% commission of the sale. What’s also important is that you can recommend as many people as you wish. You can receive your earnings either via a bank transfer or through your Paypal account.

Who are most recommended to use the ‘Intermedia Website Creator’? How does it benefit them?
We support those who are beginning to develop their own businesses. They often value independence because they have a specific vision that they want to fulfill. We provide our services to them without imposing any of our own ideas, but whenever they ask for advice we are ready to help. Besides, we also help artists. A lot of them come up with outstanding ideas and they need a means to showcase their talents. We make sure that they can explore creative possibilities without any limitations.

What piece of advice you have for those who want to start their own business?
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. A failure is inevitable part of the process and a proof that you are actually trying and doing something, rather than sitting still. Also, see a constructive critique as a chance to self-develop, and to improve your services and products.

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