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Innovation in money transfer the future is Aroko FX

Aroko FX is a UK based online money transfer platform which caters to individuals and businesses money transfer needs. Consumers can send funds through the Aroko FX website from the convenience of their homes, through a computer or a mobile device.

Aroko FX’s mission is to become the world’s leading money transfer company. To be known as the home of best rates for remittance. The international money transfer company that will change the face of global payments.

“We are not in competition with anyone; we want to dominate our corridors” Ademola Dayo (Founder & CEO)

Where did the name Aroko derive from?
The word “Aroko” is an ancient messaging method (traditional information technology) used across Sub-Saharan Africa specifically in the Yoruba Kingdom (Nigeria). Aroko was used between dignitaries to exchange cryptic messages of high importance without the risk of being intercepted and decoded.

“Aroko could be regarded as Yoruba hieroglyphics or African symbolic letters”

We brought the word “Aroko” back to life. Aroko to mean “cryptographic exchange of messages”. A money transfer process where instructions are encrypted, safely and securely transmissions are sent across the world.

Why did Aroko FX come into existence?
Aroko FX was set up to provide a more efficient money transfer service that provided best rates especially to African/Caribbean’s who are charged huge fees for sending funds overseas by existing money transfer providers.

We want to challenge the old and expensive ways of existing money transfer companies. At Aroko FX you save up to 95% on costs compared to your high street transfer when you send money through us.

Our rates remain the best as we do not have an intermediary broker to facilitate the foreign exchange for us, we do it in-house using our own infrastructures to deliver the best rates to our customers.

What will give you a leading position in the money transfer industry?
Our vision is to provide a world class money transfer service that will continuously change the money transfer industry for the better. Delivering a transfer service that provides best rates, simple to use, a fast and secure service for our clients. Through continued process improvements and using cutting edge technology Aroko FX will make the most complex services seamless. Our technological approach to money transfer will give us a leading position in the industry.

What services are provided?
We provide a range of flexible services to cater for individuals and business needs.
• Make international payments
• Settle invoices and conduct business abroad
• Pay overseas suppliers
• Pay tuition fees
• Receive international payments

Using your bank to send money overseas can result in high fees and administrative charges. At Aroko FX we help manage business exposure to foreign exchange market fluctuations. We provide your business with the best exchange rates to improve profit margins.

How does it work?
You can send money through Aroko FX, anytime, anywhere in just 3 simple steps

1. Sign up & log into the Aroko FX application. Setting up an account with us is very quick and easy.
2. Add recipient and select your currency. Money can be sent to any bank account
3. Safely transfer the money and receive confirmation of receipt.

Contact Aroko FX today for your money transfer needs

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