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Interview with artist Chuck Stableford

Today our guest is Chuck Stableford. He is an emerging artist, a painter developing his second career, the one he always wanted, the one put on hold some 37 years ago with a bad NYC experience following graduation. We have conducted an interview with him. 

How long did you take to build your unusual style and technique?
About five years now. Began as a way to interest my son in art, which didn’t take, but it made me re-think painting.

What mediums do you use?
I use acrylics, oil, interference pigments, occasionally phosphorescence and textile, usually eyelet materials

Where do you store your collection?
I keep the collection at Fairfax Art League’s Village Gallery

Why did you choose Village Gallery in Old Town Fairfax?
Mostly because it’s close to the house, and my membership gives me that privilege.

When will you launch your first solo show?
November, for the whole month, reception will be day after Thanksgiving.

What is the scale of this first solo show?
It covers everything I have painted for the past three years, about 27 paintings ranging in size from 42” x 54” to 16” x 20”

Why are you fascinated to capture the unrequited mood, the unattainable yearning?
It’s a common human occurrence, something most if not all have experienced

What was your story?
I guess I am interested in the what ifs, you know like, what if I had only done this instead of that, the alternative timeline concept.

How were you affected by your bad NYC experience?
Well, I didn’t stop painting, but I gave up any idea then about making a living as a painter. That has changed now especially since I have a style that is truly mine.

What holds you back and how did you overcome it?
Marketing, promoting is always a challenge. I am hoping this interview will help make me and my work just a little tiny bit more understood and known.

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