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Interview with home buyer agent Sara Pugh

Today our guest is Sara Pugh a local property consultant. She works as a buyer agent to making buying a home in Leeds or Yorkshire hassle free and easy. She also sells homes in her local area which is Leeds. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is a home buyer agent?
Great question, as many people in the UK have not heard of a buyer agent before. I find homes for my clients to buy at the best possible price for the least amount of hassle, so a useful service for very busy people, people who are in a rush to buy, first time buyers or buyers looking for an unusual home.

I spend time talking to and getting to know my buyers, I listen to what they have to say to find out what they really want to buy and if it's realistic. I find out about key features of the home, location, price, time scale and more. Following on from this consultation I go and look for a selection of homes which match the criteria for my buyers to preview. When the 'favorite' properties are chosen, I then arrange visits and viewings so the buyers can see their potential new home and decided if they want to buy. I will then negotiate the best price with the vendor or agent, depending if the home is on or off market. I'm paid on completion and my fee is a % of the final sale price. There is also a small retention fee to pay upfront as I have to do a lot of work looking for the homes initially and I need to know that he buyer is committed.

What are your key services and strengths as a buyer agent?
My service is to support and assist the home buyer through the buying process, from the moment they call me to the day they are handed the keys to their new home. This support continues as long as the client needs me after they have moved in, so I don't just do a runner as soon as I get paid.

My strengths as a buyer agent, I'm very persistent, polite and patient. I know my area well as I've lived here for 20yrs, I have lots of experience with people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds and so I can build rapport and relationships easily. This is key in the property market, as buying or selling the most expensive object most people own is emotionally charged and sometimes stressful, so people skills are vital to keep the process smooth. I have the backup and network of all the other Keller Williams agents in Yorkshire if I need assistance. My father has experience in property law and my great grandfather and grandfather on my mum's side had property businesses, so property is in the family.

How does a home buyer agent protect a buyer?
I protect the buyer by spending time looking for and getting to know genuine motivated sellers, so the likelihood of the sale going through is much much higher. I do the negotiating on the buyers behalf so I can ensure they get the best deal. If a seller or another agent knows a buyer is being represented by a buyer agent who knows the market and business well they are much less likely to mess around.

Why is using a local agent who works for him or herself better than one from a high street branch?
I think it's better to use a local independent agent for buying and selling as they have their own company which they have built, invested in and nurtured. This means they are highly motivated to buy & sell homes and will often go the extra mile, and you are more likely to get that 'personal touch'. If an agent is just employed by a high street agent, often (not always) they just don't have the same passion and drive, and have their own lives and interests. A local independent agent, their business is their life. Local agents often live in the area they sell in, so have inside knowledge on schools and the community.

They often have fewer properties listed at a given time than a high street agent, so their customers and their homes get more time and attention.

Which areas do you serve?
Leeds and surrounding area in Yorkshire. I know agents all over the UK and abroad, if I can't help I can recommend a skilled and trusted agent in your area.

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