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Interview with novelist and blogger Bryan Varner

Our guest today is Bryan Varner a novelist and blogger. He lives in Spokane Washington in the USA. We have conducted an interview with him.

How do you describe your creative writing style?
My creative writing style is unique in the fact that I incorporate a message of acceptance in it. My characters are unreal but have very real hearts and the trials they endure together make them love indiscriminately.

What kind of novels have you written?
I have written in many genres. Most of my works are romance and erotica. I also write hard-boiled detective fiction and traditional horror novels.

What are your favourite blogging subjects and themes? How long have you been writing?
My favorite blog subjects are those that have to do with the human mind. I constantly debate the inner workings of the mind, and I discuss it in a psychological sense.

I have been writing for eleven years. It is one of those things where practice makes perfect.

What's in writing about the graphic romance between witches and druids challenges you the most?
When I write my romances involving witches and druids, the thing that presents the biggest challenge is balancing the romance with a little bit of action and adventure.

Which moods/ambience or settings do you like most?
I generally write my books and stories in the setting of the 1950s.

I choose to write my novels in past time settings because of my love for the eras, especially the 1950s era. I had fallen in love with that era years ago when television was in black and white and shows could still be heard on A.M. radio.

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