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Interview with SciFi author and NASA presenter Mary Louise Davie

Mary Louise Davie is a SciFi author and a NASA presenter. We have conducted an interview with her about her most recent book is Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To.

As a NASA presenter, which do you think is the most unexplained phenomena?
I find it hard to believe and in a way a totally unexplained phenomena that people really don’t realize all the really awesome stuff NASA has done and is doing. I love that they come out to find out what is up with NASA and I am happy to share with them the details of the SLS launch system – and that NASA has built the world’s most powerful rocket engine ever. (Here’s some fun facts: it produces horsepower equivalent to 208,000 Corvette engines or 17,400 locomotive engines. It has 20 percent more thrust than the Saturn V at liftoff AND Each of the rocket boosters burns 5 tons propellant per second.)

Why did you write ''Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To"?
I was really trying to not write anything such as an Earth-based alien encounter but I found the idea so tempting. Not only the avenue of where does the threat come from – how come the scientists aren’t in charge of something that is so obviously in their ball-park, but the portion of the book that takes place in the Moon colony – I really saw that in my head, sort-of like a movie (and it was cool!)

Who inspires you the most to write?
Daily life inspires me, articles in the science magazines or in the daily papers online inspire me to write but most of all what inspires me is taking what we know and then asking what if or would it be cool if.

How important do you consider quick wit and humor in Sci-fi content writing?
Very important; Basically Sci-Fi is looking ahead and giving us a glimpse of that world, how it is to live in that world, the trials & tribulations and all that other stuff – but the main thing to remember is that the characters are more than flat beings on paper, they are ‘us’ only in the future. And as representative of us they laugh, cry, and experience the whole range of human emotions. I think it is important to recognize that the future has laughter too, or it had better!

Why How different is writing about characters facing black hole V4641 Sgr, what kind of emphasis do you put on?
Ahhh, you’re asking about my first baby – Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission. While I wrote many before that, it was the first I shared. It’s a very different set of circumstances and as a result there are going to be very different

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