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Interview with self-taught multimillionaire Jon Giaan

A self-taught and self-made multimillionaire, Jon Giaan experienced firsthand what it is like to pursue wealth and prosperity without being able to rely on any formal experience or education on the subject of investing. Citing a lack of a truly comprehensive resource in which a broad range of relevant educational content could be found, Mr. Giaan founded Knowledge Source as a means for filling that vast information gap. Mr. Giaan has since used his own experience to guide others possessing similar aspirations regarding wealth creation and long-term financial security, turning Knowledge Source into a comprehensive resource in which Australia’s most respected investment educators are able to offer their extensive insight and expertise across a wide range of subjects. 

Knowledge Source is now recognized as Australia’s most prominent source of wealth-creation information and is rightly hailed as the country’s top education and training company, an achievement largely due to the tireless work ethic possessed by Mr. Giaan along with his unyielding commitment to the idea that anything is possible through self-education. Before founding Knowledge Source, Mr. Giaan researched an endless array of investment strategies and applied a number of unique methodologies on the way to building a property investment portfolio that is now worth more than $35 million.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a self-made multimillionaire now?
One might think that being a self-made multimillionaire is hardly challenging, but I have found that there are quite a few challenges that most fail to consider. As a self-made multimillionaire, I have always possessed a deep desire to succeed and to reach a higher station in life through a commitment to pursuing educational opportunities. Combined with my natural determination and tireless work ethic, I was able to acquire the knowledge I needed to create life-changing wealth through a number of shrewd investments.

As a result of my own experiences on the way to becoming a multimillionaire, I have found it quite challenging to relate to many of the other wealthy individuals I have met over the years who didn’t have to endure the lean years as I once did. Of course, I will continue to work on developing a deeper understanding of their individual perspectives and unique worldviews.

What are/were your principles and philosophies to succeed in the subject of investing?
Education will always be at the core of my investment philosophy due to the simple fact that those who possess an intellectual curiosity are more likely to consistently perform the research and due diligence needed to succeed as an investor. It is my belief that a strong work ethic and a commitment to education will lead to success in any endeavor, especially in the world of investing.

How did you found 'Knowledge Source' as you were without any formal experience or education on the subject of investing? What kind of content does it provide and how does it benefit the users?
Throughout my life, I have always been a dreamer. This has made me quite fond of other kindred spirits who are courageous enough to pursue their dreams until they have achieved the outcome they initially sought. I worked very hard to educate myself on every subject relevant to investing, and the product of my efforts can be found throughout the Knowledge Source platform.

One of the things I learned over the years is that formal experience and education are hardly prerequisites for successful investing. It certainly doesn’t hurt to possess experience and education, but I -- along with countless others -- have enjoyed remarkable success despite a lack of any formal education or prior experience in investing. This is why the goal of Knowledge Source is to provide a comprehensive resource that provides all of the information any aspiring investor will need in order to fulfill the dream of achieving financial security through investing.

How can someone work on building a strong work ethic?
It helps to first envision a specific goal that will serve as a potent source of motivation for the work that will be required to achieve that goal. With this specific goal clearly in mind -- along with access to a comprehensive source of information -- a strong work ethic will naturally follow provided that the individual in question truly yearns to achieve the goal they have envisioned.

What do you recommend as a strategy for someone at the starting point but interested in building a property investment portfolio?
The best way to get started is to first perform as much research as possible with the goal of developing a strategy based on useful, relevant information. Knowledge Source provides access to this kind of information and hosts a supportive community of property investors who have successfully built a property investment portfolio despite starting with little or no formal experience or education.

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