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iPOLPO - global photo marketplace

iPOLPO is a new app, the only global photo marketplace that posts photos by TIME and LOCATION so it's very easy to search/find/buy or sell photos. We have conducted an interview with the developers.

How does being the ONLY PHOTO APP that posts photos by TIME and LOCATION, makes your app better than the others?
IPOLPO App provides the ordinary person (that has a smartphone), with a connection to a global photo marketplace by sorting photos with TIME and place. Time and Place makes for super easy search parameters, avoiding awkward hashtags, diminishing our reliance on the media or the photographer-for-hire. Now Anyone can BE a paparazzi and Anyone can HAVE a paparazzi!

Its photos by US for US (the everyday person with a smartphone)

Let me begin with the quick story of how we came up with the idea of iPOLPO App ... we where sailing & I saw a sailboat in the bay sailing into a beautiful sunset, because I love to photo everything, I took a photo of the sailboat with my iPhone then I thought...wouldn't it be great if there was a way to share this photo with that sailboat in the photo (they would LOVE this picture for their facebook)? Until iPOLPO there was no way to find/ search for photos taken of you by others passing by. iPOLPO is a simple solution – every time we take a photo with our phone it is stamped with GPS and TIME data, iPOLPO takes this data and posts photos on a world map by TIME! It’s a super simple way to find and share photos between strangers!

No need to exchange emails/ No need to "befriend” on facebook/ No need for hashtags

Just FIND YOUR PHOTOS BY TIME AND LOCATION or find photos taken at a specific event anywhere in the world… photos taken at the Tour de France, Santa Clause parade in New York, the Rio Olympics, War in Syria, the refugee camps in Greece, USA presidential elections, Fashion Week in Paris, Boston Marathon…. Everyone is taking photos and posting them on FB or Twitter free. iPOLPO instantly connects the photographer to a world marketplace for anyone to buy.

That’s right! To incentivize the photographer for their troubles of taking great photos and uploading them … they get to select the price for each photo they post. Photographer sells the photo to anyone in the world with iTunes and PayPal security. Now everyone has a paparazzi and everyone can be a paparazzi too!

Who would need iPOLPO?
There are two users… the PHOTOGRAPHER and the BUYER

THE PHOTOGRAPHER= both professional and hobbyist, anyone with a smartphone taking photos of anything OTHER than food, friends and selfies They like to photo but don’t want to invest time to set up a website and advertise. Sports, News, Places, Events, Weather or beauty shots of strangers around them (street-photography) any photo they think someone may be interested in buying either of themselves or for a time-sensitive news story.

THE BUYER= News agencies in need of time sensitive/current photos in full resolution. Or persons IN the photos that want a great photo of them without having to ask someone to “please take my photo”.

Then we realized there are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: news events photos AS THEY ARE HAPPENING time-stamped and exact location-stamped, with iPOLPO users can "track their path" so when participating in a sporting event our app has specialized algorithm that only shows photos during the time the user was at a specific location! marathons/tourism/rock-climbing/surfing/at concerts/parades/protests.... anywhere and everywhere there’s always someone taking a photo with their phone. Please lookup an agency that is photos for hire:

What are the ways do you use to engage your users/target audience?
At moment social media direct marketing & presence at various events such as road cycling races, gay pride parade, long distance running races, speaker conferences, we sponsor these events and encourage participants to “track their path” so iPOLPO filters photos specifically taken during the TIME and PLACE the users was there. Photographers around the world are encouraged to make posters or business cards to self-promote their photos (posts on iPOLPO). iPOLPO is each photographers’ storefront so self-promoting is in their best interest.

In the future, we hope users around the world will use iPOLPO daily, to see if any photos have been uploaded of them/ around them. Also, iPOLPO hopes to be a go-to tool when looking for world event photos.

How do you monetize your app?
Users purchase photos they like. Funds are split between Photographer/ Apple Fee/ iPOLPO fee.

What are the upcoming features to be added to the app development?
We are working on developing the Android. At moment only available on the Apple App Store and as a website.

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