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Merritt Home Buyers

Michael & Lesley Merritt of Merritt Home Buyers. They buy homes for cash in Fresno, CA, Visalia, CA and Charlotte, NC. We have conducted an interview with them.

What are the common problems that you have helped solve in the real estate field?
We’ve helped home-owners solve a very diverse set of problems. No two situations are ever exactly the same and that’s what keeps the business exciting and interesting. Some examples are someone who needs to move quickly for any reason, including relocating for a new job, moving out of the country to be with family, suffered through a tough situation such as a divorce, death, fire, meth or mold damage or un-permitted additions that they don’t have the money to fix liens against the property. It’s not uncommon for people to get into a situation where a normal retail sale on MLS won’t work for them. This is where we come in and can offer cash to fix their situation or help them move. It’s an amazing feeling when someone hugs you and cries that nobody else would help them and we were their saving grace. This business can be a blessing.

Which are the areas/regions do you buy homes for cash?
We buy homes anywhere in California. We started in Fresno, CA and Visalia, CA and then next expanded up and down Highway 99 into Bakersfield and Sacramento. More recently we’ve been doing business in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach.

What advice do you give to new home buyers?
Take your time with picking your real estate agent, determining your market you want to buy in and what price points you’re comfortable with. Ask your agent how many deals they closed last year, the average agent closes only 3 deals a year so find the person that closed 50-100 deals last year. They’ll know their market better than anyone and have a team in place to help you. Often they might even have pocket listings that you can get before they go on MLS.

Secondly, if you’re comfortable with fixing up a property while living in it, you can save a lot of money by doing something called ‘house hacking’. For example, you could buy a duplex and rent one side out while you remodel your side. Then flip with the tenant once their lease is up and remodel the other side. This way you can increase the property value, while having a place to live and have your mortgage subsidized by having a tenant renting from you. This would be a great first home for the ambitious young couple on the road to success.

To find discount or off market properties network with real estate investors at REIA meetings or contact and we can send you more information about finding these types of properties.

How does the software helps to expand your house buying business?
So much of what many real estate investors do are manual operations. Finding the target customer, mailing or marketing to them. We have custom software that helps clean our data up and then we aggregate multiple online sources to create very targeted mailings that we know will provide a return on investment for us.

What are the ways that differentiates you from your competitors?
We are a family owned and operated real estate investment company. We consider ourselves ‘bi-coastal’, we’ve lived on both east and west coasts and have family in both places. We always focus on serving the home-owner first and how we can help them with our expertise, and with that as our end-goal then it becomes a win-win for everyone. It’s great when someone in a grocery store hugs you and thanks you for helping them sell their home that they thought they’d never sell, or cry when recounting how you provided cash to pay their medical expenses and helped them find a new home. Those kind of memories really stick with you and motivate us to get up in the morning and continue with this business.

How should people get in contact with you?
By calling our office directly at 559-282-3200 or if you have a home for sale please submit your property information at and we’ll contact you within 24 hours with a no obligation cash offer. We’re not realtors or agents so you won’t pay any commissions, fees or closing costs.

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