Today our guest is Gabi Dumitriu, from Romania, the co-founder of MoodCrawler is a platform that facilitates and rewards positive human interaction. They believe that a good and positive collective mood can totally change our lives. We have conducted an interview with Gabi.

Why is having a good and positive collective mood important?
Whether we are aware of it or not, moods actually govern our lives. Our whole attitude and perspective on things are changed depending on the mood that we are in. Things that we would normally do without a problem become unpleasurable and almost impossible to achieve when we are in a bad mood. Mood changes are triggered by the smallest events and have a great impact in the way we interact with each other, in how productive we are and in our day by day existence. And more importantly, like studies have shown, moods are contagious. It takes only one person in a bad mood to ruin a day for a whole group of people. The great news is that good moods are even more contagious, someone in a good mood has a positive impact on an even larger number of people. And that number grows exponentially. So, looking at it from a collective point of view, being surrounded by good moods, by positive interaction, by happy, positive people makes a huge difference in our everyday life, because that translates into empathy, problem-solving, progress and harmony.

What is the inspiration behind this platform,
The inspiration came from realizing that people only need people to be happy. Sounds a bit new-age and utopistic, but if you think about it from a pragmatic and down-to-earth perspective it makes perfect sense. What do people need to be happy? The number of answers is infinite, but whatever need, problem or situation that one individual encounters, there is someone out there who can solve that issue, look into that situation and take care of that need. It is the way the world already works because we are social beings; the problem is that today we are more technologically connected than ever, but at the same time we have never been more distracted and self-oriented. So connectivity is no longer enough to make a difference. Putting together like-minded people and offering all the tools for those people to interact in a positive, natural way undistracted and solution-orientated, will lead to... well, happiness. And rewarding this simple act of being kind, helpful and good to others will help bring back the „human” in humanity. So, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are just putting it to a better use.

Who is it meant for?
We are trying to build a community that is based on people that don’t have a problem with turning to others for help or with offering a helping hand.

The platform is not made for entertainment purposes, it is not created as a form of killing time. On the contrary, the action-orientated people will get the most out of it. Either by looking for a solution to a problem or by offering one. This will not be a place of egos, bragging and popularity contests, MoodCrawler is the platform you turn to for help, turn to when you need to spend your time in a useful, rewarding way. So if you’re actively trying to solve your problems, get answers, make a difference, feel the satisfaction of helping others, be part of a community, then MoodCrawler might be just what you are looking for.

What is the way to change the world one mood at a time?
The way to change the world is by realizing that small things go a long way and by doing things one a time. The world is not just one melting pot, it is a different place for every living soul on earth. And it’s enough to make someone’s world better by putting a smile on his face, by turning a bad mood into a good one, by turning a bad day into a great day. And that will turn into a snowball effect. Because a person in a good mood will positively influence ten other people. And those ten people will put a smile on a hundred more. You get the picture. The way to change the world one mood at a time is to never underestimate the importance of a helping hand, no matter how big or small the problem might seem. Start by helping one person, and that will actually change the whole world.

How can users benefit from the platform? How do solutions provider get paid in the platform?
Well, there is more than one way users benefit from using the platform. The most obvious one is by getting answers to questions and solutions to problems from the rest of the community. Just describe your situation and you will get help. In the same time, if you are the one that provides help, you have a benefit as well, the satisfaction of spending time helping others and making a difference. The advantage of not feeling like you wasted two or three hours „surfing the internet” without getting anything out of it. And of course, the fact that you get rewarded with MoodCoins (the platform’s currency – that can be converted in Bitcoins and ultimately in currency like EUR, USD) for being an active user on the platform. In other words, you are getting paid for helping others. A solution provider gets a rating from the user to whom he offered the solution to. Depending on that rating, the platform automatically assigns MoodCoins to the user providing the solution. The bigger the positive impact is, the more money the solution provider gets.

What does it take for someone seeking solutions to their problem to join?
It is very simple: you just have to create an account and describe the problem that you are facing. That’s it. After the problem is solved, just say thank you by rating the user that helped you. We are sure that people that have been helped on the platform will become helpers themselves.

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