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Overcomer: Discovering God's Plan against all odds

Dorsey Ross lives in Lindenhurst, NY. He just wrote his first autobiography in March of this year called Overcomer: Discovering God's Plan against all odds. He is also a minister, and he travels around giving his testimony of what God has done in his life. We have conducted an interview with him.

”What is "Overcomer: Discovering God's Plan against all odds" mainly about?
It talks about the challenges that I have had to face and overcome in my life; hence the name of the book. It goes into detail about my birth defect, which is called Apert Syndrome. It affects the hands and the face. I’ve had to go through 68 operations. I was also teased, made fun of and picked one while I was growing up. The book also talks about what my family had to overcome, and the decisions they had to make as parents; especially when I was born. The doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t make it; that I wouldn’t survive. They were advised to put me into an institution. Thankfully, my parents refused because of their faith in God. I hope this book not only shares my story, but also influences my readers’ beliefs in where God may be leading them.

Which are the places you have travelled to, to give your testimony of what God has done in your life?
There have been a lot of different places that I have traveled, such as NY, California, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New Orleans Louisiana. My favorite place so far has had to be California. It was the first time I had ever been there, so it was cool to see a new place. I try and go wherever a door is opened to me.

Where else would you like to spread your testimony? How do you plan to achieve that?
I would love for my testimony to go all over the world; whether that be through social media, on Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook Live. Although it would be really awesome if I could fly to these different places as well. I have friends in different parts of the world, and I would love to go there and preach and give my testimony.

At which stage of your life did you realize you were an ‘overcomer’?
It would be when I realized I didn’t have to listen to the naysayers or the bullies that were in my life, telling me I couldn't make it; telling me I looked like a monster and a freak. I started to realize I was the opposite of what they were telling me, and that I could make it in whatever it was that God had for me. I didn’t look like the monster and freak they said I looked like. I was created in the image of God, for a reason and a purpose. In each stage of my life, there is something that I need to overcome, and become the overcomer in that situation. For example, in Bible college I didn’t do so well in school. I was told in high school that I wouldn’t make it in college at all. It took me a lot longer in both community and Bible college than other people, but I still graduated. I have realized that I am an overcomer, though there are still stages in my life that I need to teach myself, and realize through God’s plan and purpose for my life that I am an overcomer.

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