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Ralph Votrian Interview

Ralph Votrian is an American actor who's career has spanned 7 decades. He has been in show business since the age of 8 years old. We have conducted an interview with him.

You have had quite an impressive career that started in live radio even before television came on the scene. In your career you have worked in Film, TV, Theatre, Voiceover, and some of your latest work has even gone viral and has been seen by the younger generations on shows distributed by Youtube! What has that been like to see the entertainment industry change so much over the years?

It has been thrilling to see all the changes throughout the years. I started at a very young age, have been in the game for over seven decades, and I have loved working in all of the different areas of the acting business. My first professional acting job was in live radio and then I moved into small films, then live television and then big budget Hollywood films. It is so interesting now to see how much the industry has changed and how everything seems to now be online. It’s hard to believe how many shows, films, and opportunities are out there now for actors.

What was it like to work as an actor in the golden age of Hollywood?
It was exciting! We knew we were a part of something special at that time. And we all knew each other. I would be on set one day and go to lunch with one of my co stars and we would bump into Marlon Brando and just hang out. That special time in Hollywood history didn’t really last for very long because it then started to blend into something else. But it really was a great time.

You were cast alongside major stars from that era like Paul Newman, Deborah Kerr, Clint Eastwood, Mickey Rooney, and Sandra Dee. What amazing stories you must have.
Sure! Getting to work with each of them was a joy. We really had a wonderful time working together and it was just a part of our daily job. And some of them weren’t big stars back then either. Like when I worked with Leonard Nimoy in my episode of “The Twilight Zone”, people didn’t know who he was yet back then but he and I had known each other for a long time from when we did theatre together. And when I got to dance with Sandra Dee in “Until They Sail”, it came very naturally because I danced regularly in real life. Still do.

You have worked with a lot of up and coming actors and stars of today as well. Do you have any advice for young actors who are trying to break into Hollywood today?
Well…They just have to continue working. They need to get out there. Find coaches and mentors. Start performing. Get training. Get experience. And keep in mind that each job is a joy, a success, a victory.

What projects are you working on right now?
I am always working on something. I recently filmed a movie, a web series, and even a music video! So there are always new and exciting projects to look forward to!

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