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Reel Housewives of Deep South

Jillian Catherine Edwards Coburn always had ideas to promote products but when she married her husband Lonnie Coburn and expressed desire to create a design for her t-shirts- he helped her get a copyright and the Reel Housewives of Deep South was born with Jillian's blog and forthcoming products. Jillian is from Louisiana. She is 34 years old, she enjoys playing tennis, hunting, shopping, traveling and loves fishing. Her website was created for people like her. There is no fishing apparel for women that is decent. The website provides you with information on places she has traveled in the South and a place to buy merchandise. We have conducted an interview with Jillian.

What inspires to the tagline 'Reel Housewives of the Deep South'?
In 2012, my dear friend, Yvette Naquin and her future husband, Chad Guidry went to dinner with me and my hubby at Tsunami's. Yvette and Chad are extremely talented artist. Over dinner we discussed how fun it would be to create something with Real Housewives of Lafayette.

The following day my bff, Andrea Jade Hendricks and I realized that if we chose this name we would be sued by Bravo TV. Currently, Bravo has TM all cities and if you use their tag line you will be sued. Happened to a lady in NOLA.

Skipping our morning tennis routine we decided to choose our name. Digging through her hubbies fishing closet and being knocked in the face by rods and reels, we came up with Reel instead of Real. One who is isn't from the South doesn't understand what we do here in the Deep South. We generate and create anglers and hunters. We also, noticed there were no women apparel; so why not use the Reel in front of the Deep South....this name incorporated a larger market and described our sportsman paradise. Basically, boredom and our creative minds manifested our company name. How much better can it get than this? What else is possible?

Which are the new forthcoming products?
Creating and Generating an established brand. We desire to be universal.

Besides trademarking your company, what will be the new milestones for your t-shirt products/design?
A friend of mine, named Keisha Holmes is a therapist in town. She decided one day to run my bars. I had no idea what she was doing to me. I laid on a massage table and she touched 32 points on my head. After she ran this process, for the first time in my life I was at ease. I dove rite into the work with Access Consciousness TM, I am a licensed bars facilitator and I currently teach my clients tools and techniques they can use in their everyday life. How much better can it get than this?

What is the new technique which you have learned and implemented onto your website?
We have fun with our company. There is no pressure and it works. We created an environment where we keep it Reel! I also need to mention my designers. I used my cousin, Steven Murphy for one photo shoot that landed us in Bella Magazine New York. Also, the guy who creates my designs online is named Steve Hutchins.

How do you differentiate yourself from other t-shirt designers/company?
We continue to design shirts not only for woman but for kids and men. We just created a new shirt marketed in Gueydan, Louisiana for duck hunters. Once hunting season begins a majority of the wives don't see their hubbies or in my case my husband doesn't see me. I love hunting and more importantly fishing. The tug is my drug.
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