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Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1

Michael "Lyfelong" Foster is a Filmmaker who is based out of Charlotte, NC. We have conducted with him an interview about his latest project, "Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1". It is a feature length compilation project consisting of short films that I toured with on the national and international film festival circuit.

How long did you take to create your latest feature length compilation project "Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1"?
It was actually created over the course of four years. That was mainly because once one of the short films were complete I would take it on the festival circuit to see how it fared with audiences. That's how I determined what films would make it on the project. The responses I received from people from all over the world that told me how a particular film spoke to them really moved me and inspired me to keep creating. I have other films that are good and received good responses, but I just didn't feel like they fit the theme I was going for on the project as a whole.

Why the title “Reel Lyfe Cinema vol.1”?
It’s a poetical play on words. My nickname is “Lyfelong” and some call me “Lyfe” for short. Reel represents the nostalgia of film reels being used in movies. But seeming as though every film in the compilation deals with a socially conscious theme, it serves as a double entendre for Real Life Cinema. I’m kind of crafty like that.

What socially conscious themes that are currently prevalent in our society moves and touches you the most?
Well first and foremost being an African American male in this country, everything we're dealing with right now in regards to the relationship with the police probably touches me the most. It really hit home for me when Keith Lamont Scott was killed by the police here in Charlotte literally on a street that I travel on to take my oldest daughter to school everyday. I just so happened to be Los Angeles handling some business when everything happened. It messes with your psyche and you feel at any given moment you could be next. I had to have a talk with my wife to process it all mentally and emotionally. I would hate for her to have to get a call from the police that I was killed by one of their own. But unfortunately in today’s society that’s a possible reality for us.

What do you hope to achieve?
My goal with this current project is to let people become more familiar with my work. The films on Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1 speak to so many different people's situation in life and I just want them to know that they're not alone in dealing with it all. In “Subconscious Whispers” the lead character has to deal with the issue of how taboo it is for us in the African American community to see a therapist. In “Evelyn Black” the lead character deals with how being a victim of sexual assault has affected her and put her on the path she is on. In the film “When Tables Turn” the main character deals with his pride being the reason he continues to be homeless. Other than that I have other projects coming out soon that will establish my brand of writing and directing. With them all, I want to be known as one of the premier filmmakers of this generation.

What is so wrong in society and people's attitude today?
I feel as a society some of us don’t take the time to appreciate, respect, and learn about other’s (or their own) culture and history. What that does is create a situation in which people are not empathetic about how other people of different races and cultures feel. America is now more than ever a melting pot of all different types of people so the less we know about everyone who may reside here, it creates a disconnect with someone who may be your next door neighbor. We need to do better on that front in my opinion.

What kind of efforts are you making in order to reach out to the younger generation?
I’m currently working on forming a non-profit organization to mentor young people that may be interested in going into business for themselves based around their creative talents. Other than that I’m just continuing to push forward and serve as an inspiration to those that may feel like their dreams may not be obtainable.

How can people stay in contact with your movement?
My website is always a good way. Other than that I’m on instagram as @TheMichaelFoster. On Facebook under Twitter is Youtube

Where and how can people access your latest project "Reel Lyfe Cinema vol. 1"?
They can download it at this link or by going to my website where it is on my homepage. For a limited time people can pay what they want for the project, which is an unprecedented form of distribution in itself. My main objective is for people to watch the project and spread the word.

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