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Remmie is a software company dedicated to creating an open and consistent communication between patient and doctor regarding their health needs. This includes herbal remedies and medications that are currently being taken, an overview of all prescribed medications and any concerns the patients may want addressed. We have conducted an interview with them.

Why did you create this communication software tool for facilitating the communication between patient and doctor?
Our medical system as we know it is over loaded and slow. Valuable time is lost between the initial visit with the patient to the doctor and all of the tests that need to be done. The tools that we are creating, are to help support the doctors by giving them access to the information they need faster and empower the patient to help with diagnosis by allowing them to submit valuable information that may be useful on their own.

What are the current problems with existing tools?
The problem is there arent many tools like this out there and the ones that are out there either don't allow the patient to enter valuable input or don't have the support for the doctors.

Why are open and consistency important criteria?
I think to quote Sherlock Holmes would be appropriate when he said "You cant build bricks without clay". For a doctor to be able to make a diagnosis they need as much information as possible. This means consistent data from tests or openness from patients. Our goal is to help support and encourage the doctors and patients working as a team to bring that information together. For simple illnesses, patient diagnosis will be relatively simple but I think where we will really shine is the harder to find and diagnose illnesses.

What other features does your communication application provide?
Our current focus is to build up patient data before moving into doctor services. Currently, the patients have a full medicine suite which allows them to set up an inventory of any current medicines they have, a schedule of when they take their medicines and a notes section for them to write down anything they need to chat with the doctor about. Simple bio-metrics is included in this with the use of everyday wearables such as a FitBit or a Pebble.

Which future development(s) do you plan to include?
Currently our team is working tirelessly to create what can only be described as a medical family tree to help patients further supply information for their doctors of any past illnesses other family member may have had or that might be hereditary, more advanced bio-metrics and additional tests that the patients can do in their own home to help support and reduce time on their treatments.

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